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Why is the tip of my thumb causing me so much pain?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) September 11th, 2008

Ever since I cut my nails a few days ago, the tip of my left thumb has been hurting. I woke up this morning to a very swollen, extremely painful, hard to the touch thumb. The pain is worst by the edge of the nail, and it increases if any pressure is put on the thumb, including light touches.Well the pain is confined to the upper segment of the thumb, when I bend it, the pain also increases. What is wrong and what can I do?

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No joking, that’s something that I believe requires a visit to your family physician, and I am not one. But, just based on your description of the pain and the circumstances surrounding it, I believe (strictly as a layman) that you might have some kind of minor infection that needs treating.

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I’d call the doc, but you may have cut the nail too short and it is becoming ingrown. Or maybe you just cut it too short and it is letting you know. Or maybe you cut it too short and it got infected.

Still, call the doc.

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I would, but I have class (college) all day today (1–8:20) and Health Services probably isn’t open that late. Is there anything more immediate I can do?

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If you can see any abrasion or cuts, wash it well and put some neosporin on it. If it gets worse throughout the day, don’t wait…cut class and have it looked at. I knew a man that had a similar problem and ignored it. He ended up having to get his finger sliced open to drain the infection. It was very painful.

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Call Health Services and see if they have a dial-a-nurse you can call after hours when you have more time AND make an appointment for tomorrow since it is probably something a doctor needs to see.

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can we get a picture?

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Soak it in some epsom salt for about 5 minutes, it will detox the thumb…then put some anti bacterial ointment on it and bandage it up. That should do it. If you see any sign of infection, go to the doctor.

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Short on time. You likely have a paronychia.

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I second the epsom salts (in water as hot as you can stand) and I would do it 4–5 x today.

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ezraglenn – i hope you feel better
Do you bite your nails? if you do, you are at risk of developing a pretty dangerous infection there. you need to have it evaluated to see if it needs antibiotics or draining. Even if you don’t bite your nails, finger infections can go bad fast, so see your doctor or go to your friendly neighborhood ER.

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Here is a little more info for you, until you can see your doctor.

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