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Shouldn't there be a tech. section?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8193points) May 5th, 2010

Of the 10 pages of orphans, almost all of them are technology related. Shouldn’t Fluther have a tech. section, so people who are experts of tech. can easily find these questions? Just yesterday, two more orphans were born, both tech. related. Tech. answers are not flexible like the other categories, these questions, most of the time, need very specific answers to solve very detailed & complex problems. Obviously, the askers of these questions should be going into the tech forums of the programs/devices they are asking about, but they came to Fluther, so why not help them out? Having a tech. section would really cut down the amount of orphans that are born each day. It’s an epidemic.

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@rpmpseudonym You really feel sorry for these poor orphans, don’t you? I don’t object to the idea on principle, but it does seem like we have enough new sections already. I imagine that those who want to answer the technical questions can find them already in the “General” section.

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There is. It’s called the “Orphans” section.

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I think Tech is fine in General.

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@AstroChuck, I suppose in that regard.. you’re right :) Let it be known, the orphans are now tech. babies. They weren’t born in test tubes or lived under powerlines as a kid. They weren’t left at a church in Chernobyl. They are just mere birthing’s of the technological mind.

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I think the general section pretty much stands for anything technical…beyond that, it might be a good idea to take some of the those orphan questions to technology and electronics expertise sites and forums. :/

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@AstroChuck You people need to stop beating me to the good answers.

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Tech questions are the vast majority of orphans, sure. But if you look at the number of questions overall on Fluther, tech is not a significant portion of it.
Heck, I see more dream interpretations or “Should I break up with him?” questions than tech questions.

I think it would be unnecessary further division of the site.

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In truth, I think that a section dedicated to a particular category in life would be odd. We do have a Meta section for Fluther questions, but.. oh dear, I can’t explain that correctly. But it had good purpose and held weight in some way… bleah. If you were to divide tech into a separate category, then you would have to divide Fluther into several other various categories of dicsussion that were specific to a particular aspect of life. Doesn’t Yahoo Answers do that? Maybe not, but I’m just giving an example of where our site would go if we were to undergo this massive division.

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@Sarcasm, I’m not basing the ‘new section’ on quantity of all questions, but quantity of questions that never get answers. Sure there are more ‘should I break up with him?’ types, but at least 50 people answer those questions. My recommendation on a new category would basically eliminate the orphans section. For a Q & A site, what I am trying to do, is have the highest rate of how many Q’s have A’s with them, which would be a higher number if it wasn’t for those darn tech. questions. My goal is to have Fluther’s success rate, be 100%. :)

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