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Why do some people pucker their lips when taking pictures of themselves or looking at themselves in mirror?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 5th, 2010

Looks kinda silly.

Just curious.

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I see mostly tween girls doing it, and they put up a peace sign, too. I’ve never been too fond of it.

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I think it is for different reasons. In a photo, it’s about making a kissy face. In the mirror, it’s to check their lipstick.

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I always thought it was to emphasize the cheekbones. That’s why I did it until my wisdom teeth were removed, and suddenly – I had cheekbones!

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hahaha I think people are getting too obssesed with beauty! Maybe they are trying to make their lips fuller or something:D

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My brother does this! There is not one pic of him looking normal. And he doesn’t wear lipstick. :-)

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I actually realized a few weeks ago that my friends and I do this weird side smile thing in a lot of our pictures, so I did some studies of it, with Fluther ladies, including me.

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@IBERnineD you all look so damn cute.

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To alert me to the fact that they are people I probably don’t want to hang out with.

Pretty thoughtful of them, actually.

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It might be the equivalent of hiking up your butt in tight jeans or men inflating their chest in the mirror, like in cartoons, you know. I denno.
I like showing myself my choppers in the mirror and making funny growly sounds at myself.

In photos maybe it’s because it’s easier to be a little silly than to smile, for those people who don’t like how they look when they’re smiling. One of life’s mysteries maybe, right up there with Jeebuss.

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@IBERnineD you are hilarious.

i dont understand this phenomenon either. it looks retarded. pardon my french. its really unattractive to begin with and most of the times the girls making that stupid face are caked with make up as well which was put on solely for the purpose of taking a thousand pictures of themselves in the mirror…doesn’t help.

maybe i just dont understand because i personally like making ridiculous faces and/or showing as many teeth as possible? hence…

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@deni Now, that’s awesome! :)

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@deni I totally have a hard time being normal when a camera is in my face, too! Lurve! :)

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It’s just a kissing face. It’s for fun. It doesn’t make any kind of statement about intelligence or anything, but the willingness of people here to judge people on things like that and make ridiculous assumptions doesn’t surprise at all. :)

This old photo of me is for y’all.

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@DominicX Chill, bud. I just think that it’s silly. :)

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I think it makes girls look terrible and I hate to look at any picture with them doing it.

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Of the examples in @IBERnineD‘s pictures, I personally think they all look ridiculous EXCEPT for Allie. She’s just smiling naturally, it appears to me. The rest of them… stoooopid!

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I agree with @DominicX. I had no idea so many people got their panties all in a bunch when they seen pics of fish lips! Jeesh…

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I don’t wear panties. :)

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@jbfletcherfan “stoooopid” is as “stoooopid” does…

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@jjmah We have something in common ;)

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@jbfletcherfan Heh, thank you. I think I’m one of the few girls that didn’t get the lip-pucker-smile-thing memo. Not that I’d do it anyway.

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I want to know why this question was recommended for me? What exactly does that say about ME??? ;) (p.s. because they are trying to look either slutty or sexy. fine line between them, if you ask me.)

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It’s stupid, but so is everything else.

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I’ve never seen anyone DO that…or, maybe I’m not around anyone who WOULD do it. I can’t believe that anyone would care. Don’t mean to offend anyone.

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Easy, its cause they want to look like Snookie. Mindless troll.

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