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Ideas for a high school grad trip?

Asked by 0o_Niques_o0 (288points) May 5th, 2010

I am currently seventeen and in my last two months of grade 11.
I am looking to go on a trip with a few friends in the summer after we graduate from grade 12 (which would be in a little over a year). However, we need to sort out the details of this trip now.
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a destination?

Additional details:
-The trip must be suitable for a group of 18 and 17 year-olds.
We originally looked into the possibility of a cruise, but most every cruiseline has restrictions stating that their must be an individual at least 21 years of age in our party.
-We are looking to spend no more than around $1500 each. Obviously, the cheaper, the better as we are covering the cost of the trip ourselves.
-We live just outside of Toronto, Ontario.
-We are thinking of going away for about a week.
-Pretty much open to anything!

Thankyou in advance for all your input! :)

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New York City. There’s plenty to see, for every budget.

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@bob_ can you book a hotel room in NY at 18? I know in some states, it’s 21.

My mother and her two best friends went camping when they graduated high school. You would probably come in way under budget.

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How about camping and hiking in British Columbia – Banff or Jasper? Cheap, fun and beautiful. Or a whitewater rafting trip on a river.

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@zephyr826 I think so. I went when I was 20 (5 years ago), didn’t have any problems. I stayed here. Pretty nice place, much more considering the price. Last time I was in town, I stayed here. Great location, but too expensive for the hotel. That was a business trip, though. Gotta love the expense account!

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Almost anywhere in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman, Arbuba. If you want to stay in the U.S., what about Orlando? Universal is a fun place for teens.

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I would look into hostels. It is a great way to meet others from different cultures and it is an affordable way to stay in places that are traditionally pricey to visit (which means more money for other stuff!): and and are good places to start.

Many hostels even offer private rooms for groups traveling together. Hostel resources also help people navigate the cities they are visiting.

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Road trip to Vancouver! That’s where I’d go if I could make it 10 days.

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@bob_ stole my suggestion, I was going to say New York as well. I think it’s impossible to run out of fun things to do there, at least in a week. There are so many sites to see and lots of places to go shopping, I went there for an eighth grade trip last June and we had tons of fun!

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I agree with with @liminal. My best friend (at the time) flew from Boston to Europe, got a Eurrail Regional Pass and backpacked all the way – staying at hostels along the way. He completed the entire trip for very little money.

You’ll meet great people, eat the local food, see the local sights, take great photos, learn some of the language…maybe fall in love. :: sigh ::

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Take the train across Canada.

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If you do the New York thing, you can go with an organized tour group if you are remotely interested. My mom and I did this and they got us great seats for a number of Broadway plays for well under the ticket price and we had time to shop, etc. The tour group included several meals so that helped and the hotel was included in the price. We took a bus tour down to see Ground Zero and then came up through various ethnic neighborhoods with stops at a number of cool little places I would never have found on my own. The plays we got to see made the trip though!

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I’m a senior now and I’m very excited for this summer. Three of my friends our going to travel all over Europe almost right after graduation. I’m not going with them, but I am going to Florida for a little over a week with three other friends. It’s a road trip and we’ll be on our own. It’s not too expensive either, especially with the four of us.
I would say take a road trip along the East Coast (that’s what we were originally going to do) but that could be expensive. Camping would fun and cheap – you could go visit Yellowstone. But if the outdoors isn’t your thing, then maybe just go. Get in someone’s car and just go somewhere. Kind of reckless, but it would be awesome.

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Caribean was memorable.

You can drive to Florida and take a ferry to the Bahamas. The blue water of the caribean water is unforgettable.

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Cape cod! You can camp out and rent bikes.

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Sea-Kayaking around New Zealand and Abel Tasman National Park!!!!!!!

Horseback riding in Ireland!!!!!!!!!

Hiking in the Galapagos Islands!!!!!!!!!!

Ballooning in Scotland!!!!!!!!

Surfing in Thailand!!!!!!!

Skiing in Switzerland!!!!!!!

Drinking in Germany!!!!!!!! (you’ll be legal there!)

Snowshoing in Alaska!!!!!!!!!

Sightseeing in Italy!!!!!!!!

And for a memorable food experience that isn’t too far…
Dining at The French Laundry (California)…..


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