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Does anyone know of any free movie sites?

Asked by Malleyg (16points) May 5th, 2010 from iPhone

I want to watch movies at my place but sadly I don’t have any good ones can someone help me out?

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Sorry guys I meant to put free movie sites instead of just sites.

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roxann's avatar i watch all my missed episodes. ever watched undercover boss?

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I use this one a lot.

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@Tink1113—that’s my favorite.

Here’s another one.

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The one @Tink1113 said is the one I use all the time and also I use Ninja Video mainly for TV shows and Documentaries, but they have movies also.

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With any free, legal movie site you will be o.k. if your tastes are eclectic. You can always dig up some classic, some cult classics, old movies, documentaries. You kind of have to look around. Just to add to the list, Comcast’s Fancast site does have some free films. Finding free, quality films streamed on the internet, as I mentioned, I think, requires a certain eclecticism in taste. I have sites that I liked bookmarked but I that will take some tracking down because my bookmarks aren’t very well organized. I will try to post more sites later.

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hulu….I love undercover boss!!!!

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