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Would a date/time stamp on answers be helpful?

Asked by Seaofclouds (23046points) May 6th, 2010

Forgive me if this has been asked before. I looked back a ways in the questions and hadn’t seen any questions about this.

Being new to fluther, I’ve been reading through lots of questions. Some of them asked a long time ago. Since there are no date/time stamps on the answers, I’m not really sure how active the question is and I’d hate to resurrect a dead question.

Would date/time stamps on the answers be helpful to others too or should I just answer any question I want and not worry about resurrecting a dead question?

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It’s already there. Run your cursor over the end of the answer where the paragraph symbol is. It’ll pop up.

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In looking, it’s behind the flag.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You don’t realize this, but this issue once caused a big brou ha ha on Fluther.

Here is one thread from just this year.

This thread shows how one Fluther user took the idea into his own hands.

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Thanks, I’ve never noticed the paragraph symbol before. I don’t usually have my cursor in the answer area due to in text ads on other sites I go to.

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Did you find it?

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Good. You’re welcome. :-)

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The ghost of JackAdams just keeps haunting us.

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Responding to old questions is fine. Just last night I noticed a question that had been posted two years ago and that seemed to want immediate advice. Someone posted a response a month ago, and there were two other comments after that.

Sometimes I give—and get—GAs and GQs on questions that are months or years old, so people are still reading them. There might be no such thing as a dead question.

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@Jeruba That’s great to know. I’ve been to some sites where people get really pissy about “dead” topics being resurrected, that’s the main reason I posted this question.

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I am finding this thread really interesting.

I think a more prominent date/time stamp would be helpful.

Maybe people don’t mind responses to old questions here because the new responses don’t bump the old thread to the top of the list on the front page like on phpbb forums…

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@lilikoi, as @marinelife pointed out above, the issue really pushes a lot of buttons around here for reasons that have been pointed to but we really don’t need to delve into again. I was one of those (way back) who innocently asked this when I was new, and people climbed all over me. The hidden-but-available time marker that we have now was a compromise. I, for one, am happy with that and hope you’ll find you can get enough information from it.

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@Jeruba I had read some of the older posts. I am happy with what is there (it would have been nice if I could’ve found a reference to it somewhere). The main reason I asked is because I actually saw someone complain that one question was “dug up” again. I was worried that if I did something similar I would get grief about it. So instead of risking that I asked this first.

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I think we should go with what the site designers want.

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OK, I give up. I can’t seem to get the paragraph symbol to appear. Where do I click?

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Hover your mouse arrow anywhere in the shaded box where you would ckick “Great Answer”. The little permalink paragraph symbol appears in red. Click on it to get the permalink. Hover over it and a response time box will appear. does you no good on the iPhone, however.

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Cool. I just got it to work on my home computer. For some reason, the permalink symbol didn’t appear when I was at work. Thanks!

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