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If I see a question that I don't know the answer to, but I know someone else who might, what do I do?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) October 20th, 2006
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Well, you could invite them to join fluther and answer themselves (once the site is public)
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or you could contact them and act as a go-between
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Hm-m-m. Okay!
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first your kind ,if u really wanna give a help ,why not ask ur friend for the answer and then post it here right?

good luck!

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ooh ooh I don’t know but I know exactly who does though!

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A) Get the answer from the knowledgable friend and post it here
B) Give it your best shot all by yourself (we’ll be nice)
C) Summon the almighty google or wikipedia and try to A the Q

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call them up and give them credit!

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Click the “Send to a friend!” link under the question. If they join and answer fantastic!

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You’re allowed 2 “lifeline” responses per week.

Otherwise you must skip the question.

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You write to the person who may know the answer and give them the link and ask them to go to the public question if they have a response. If the question is private then the knowledgable one answers back to you and you forward the answer.
That is correct in the terra firma world so I think the watery world could do so too.

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Wow, my quest for the first meta question, and i found this!

I’ll answer just for kicks

You can always answer with “Someone I know says…”

Man, this is pretty rad!

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Is there an award connected with this Q?


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No but I think that your a kind person and would help if you could.
I ask my husband about computer things.

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@Buttonstc Nope, I was just bored XD

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Just send them a link or PM them.

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Associate your id with Facebook and Twitter so that more people see your activity and join Fluther…

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This is the oldest question I’ve seen yet.

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@Dutchess_III The question about salt and pepper is the first question asked by Ben. What is so special about salt and pepper? Sorry I can’t give a link for I am on my smartphone.

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Wow. I actually got in on that under my Dutchess12 name, which was my 2nd incarnation here.
All the Jelly’s gone. :(

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Answer it anyway, take a shot in the dark.

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I answer any question that grabs my interest, and I don’t know my hole from an ass in the ground.

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As a teacher I would never take “shot in the dark” unless I told them it was a guess. Otherwise I’d tell them I didn’t know but would find out.

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First Meta question!

Wait a minute…was there even a Meta section in 2006? Do moderators retroactively add questions to Meta?

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We didn’t get different sections until…2009 or 10 I think. Originally all questions were treated as General. Then, when they decided to make different sections with different rules, it’s possible when they came across old questions that didn’t really belong in general, they reassigned it.

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