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What should my boss get his wife for Mother's Day?

Asked by TenaciousDenny (1144points) May 6th, 2010

Usually this wouldn’t concern me, but the CFO of my company just came out and offered a half-day tomorrow to whoever can come up with the best gift for his wife for Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

A few details:

He and his wife are mid-thirties.
They have a four year old son, bonus if the gift involves him somehow.
He said she was a practical person, so no jewelry or anything like that.
I am trying to think outside the box here. Cliches like flowers, massages/days at the spa, chocolates, and breakfast and bed are overdone. I need to win him over with something unique.

Any help would be appreciated. If you can get me a half day off tomorrow, I will forever be your faithful fluther follower!

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is there a budget you are aware of? maybe a day trip out with the whole family, picnic and everything – is there a good aquarium or something about?
if not then tell him to take her to the theatre or something, out for dinner. and book a babysitter.
orrr if shes the kind of person book her a place to go zorbing or learn to fly a plane or something like that. I would love something like that.
Orr if money is no object get her one of these:

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Suggest his kid make a card for Mum, nothing better than receiving something that your kids actually took the time to craft themselves.For a gift, a big old teddy bear with I love Mum on there somewhere. Incidentally here in England Mothers Day was back in March, strange.

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Thanks for the suggestions. @bongo there is no budget, per se, but he was looking to keep it at a reasonable price to avoid the “you spent way too much” reaction. Although, granted, as CFO, he is making much more than me, so reasonableness could be a subjective term.

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Give his wife a mothers day card with 5 $100.00 dollar bills inside. tell her its money for her favorite casino. she might not be a gambler, but first time gamblers are almost first-time winners.

Is that a smile i see on your face?

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Have he and the son make a memory blanket. Print out pictures on fabric (I’m sure kinkos does this sort of thing) and then tie the fabric squares together. Then they can all wrap up in the blanket and watch a movie. Nice mother’s day in.

The dad and son grab some sidewalk chalk and decorate an area with what they love about her. The four year old can dictate and draw pictures. Then take her for a surprise visit to the spot- a park would be good. Then have a picnic there surrounded by the artwork.

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He should get a babysitter for the afternoon and take her someplace for lunch at a snazzy hotel, and then get a room.

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How about a card that the four year old can dip his hand in paint and put a hand print? He and the child can bring her breakfast in bed nicely arranged on a tray. Card plus day at a park or hiking, babysitter in the evening and a nice dinner….Something small from him, he knows her hobbies and interests better than we do.

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A male porn star, a female porn star, and a pony. Mom gets to use the porn stars as her slaves for the day while dad takes the kid for a pony ride.

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Planting a damn magnolia bush won. What a crock. Looks like it will be a full day for me tomorrow.

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@TenaciousDenny Thanks for the update

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