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Awning see-through material?

Asked by brooklyner12 (10points) May 6th, 2010

Hi guys, I need a name of that see-through plastic many companies used to make awnings from. The best suggestion would be about WHERE to buy such plastic in NYC area.

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There is a material called Sunbrella Fireresist, it is woven out of fire resistant acrylic fibers, that are then waterproofed with sealer. Another awning fabric that may be a bit see-through, but not plastic, is canvas. And there is also a vinyl laminated polyester, this is used for backlit awnings.

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There’s another one called Textilene—

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Acrylic (plexiglass) and lexan both break down under UV light and get discolored. I would not want to use either in an outdoor environment. Fiberglass is technically not a plastic, and it will not be totally transparent/see-through/clear. I think most ‘see-through’ awnings are made out of polycarbonate. Like this.

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@lilikoi But lexan is polycarbonate… Flexible see-through plastic awnings are going to be vinyl—

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I got a kennel cover for my dog run from Cabela’s it is black but essentially see through and does a great job of blocking the sun and cooling the area underneath for a nominal cost. I am only aware of this product in black, but the weave is loose enough to see through . . .

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I believe you might find what you want if you use ‘sunshade fabric’ for your search.

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