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Union or Non-union?

Asked by Roughdraft76 (219points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

My workplace is voting today on a secret ballet. I’ve only been at there for 7 months and feel really pressured to vote NO by emlpoyers/management and YES by co-workers. What should I do?

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I am pro union. But it is your job. Vote with your heart. You sound like a smart person. I’m sure you will make the right decision.

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I’m a union man myself and am eternally grateful for my unions.

That said, vote your conscious. How are your work conditions?

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The work condition is very poor. There is no air conditioning in the summer which temperatures reach 95 degrees or more inside the building which makes working very difficult. This is only one reason some employees are going Union. There is also MANDATORY overtime after working ten hour shifts, unnecessary occurrences if you do not make rate (work at a constant fast pace in time given to complete assignment), and poor lead supervision. On the up side, the benefits are great, the pay isn’t bad, and the ladder opportunity is easily acquired if yearned.

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You have to vote the way you think is best. As a general rule, management hates unions because unions serve as a check on management’s power, and workers like unions because they prevent management from abusing its power.

I myself am pro union; if I were in your shoes, I’d be voting in favor of unionizing because it equalizes the power relationship. But you’re the one who has to live with the consequences of your vote.

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I have been a member of two different unions and had really good experiences with both. I’m currently in a leadership position in my union. The small amount that I pay in dues has huge payoff in terms of much better benefits. In our last contract negotiation, management said that financial times were tough and tried to get rid of our cost-of-living increase, wanted to make us pay for our health care, wanted us to give up a week of vacation too (while at the same time having no cuts for upper management making huge salaries)! If we had not had a union, they would have just unilaterally enforced those decisions. Because we had a union, we were able to negotiate a deal that we were happy with. If work conditions are poor, a union will be able to help you. Of course, management is going to pressure you against it because they know that you will gain some power, and they will lose some power. That fact alone would personally make me want to have a union. Given the conditions you describe, I think it will benefit you. I am happy to chat with you about it if you have other questions – feel free to message me…

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And don’t forget, the union might be able to protect you if Management finds out that you’re spending your work day on Fluther ;)

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