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Britain: Laws on smoking in public places?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) May 8th, 2010

Is it the law that you cannot smoke in an enclosed public place?
I.e. smoking outside on the street etc is permitted?
I’m just slightly confused on this if anyone can clarify that would be great.
And when did the legal age to buy cigarettes or other tobacco products go up from 16 to 18 in Britain, what year?
Thanks in advance.

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No smoking in any enclosed public/work buildings or public/work vehicles (including your own company vehicle).
The street is OK for smoking in.
The legal age for purchasing tobacco increased to 18 on 1st October 2007.

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“Smoking in enclosed public places will be banned in England from 1 July next year (2007), the government has announced.

The ban covers virtually all enclosed public places including offices, factories, pubs and bars, but not outdoors or in private homes.”


The legal age for buying tobacco changed October 1, 2007. Guardian

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some outdoor areas it is also not allowed such as some bus shelters (the fairly open ones but i think if they have 3 or more sides to them it is not allowed) also you cannot smoke on train/metro platforms even if they are open and outside. some areas will stop you from smoking within 16ft of a doorway but usually its just as long as you are not under some sort of roofing area next to doorways. im pretty sure police can move you on if you are waiting outside a shop doorway having a cigerette sometimes. also in places such as airports there are designated areas outside. you cant smoke in all outside areas.

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@bongo oh wow i didnt know that. thanks :)

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The laws vary in every state and country. Some businesses have their own rules for private property as well.

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