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If you were in a Department store...

Asked by shorty (244points) March 13th, 2008

If you were in a Department store and came across a shirt that had fallen off the hanger would you pick it up and rehang it or leave it on the floor?

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I always pick it up and put it back if I brushed by and knocked it off or are in any way responsible. Other than that, no.

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I wouldn’t put it back on the hanger. But I would put someplace that wasn’t the floor.

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It really depends on the mood I’m in, but usually I hang it back up. I used to work retail and I always appreciated the kind souls who did stuff like that!

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I would hang it back up but I have tried too many times in the past. Usually I screw it up and they have to do it again anyway. I dump my clothes in the corner after I wash them. I can’t claim competence at folding or hanging clothes.

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Only if I were the one responsible for it falling to the ground!

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If I knock it off then I do, but I am often in a hurry when I shop, so if I have time and I’m not the one who did it- I still would. But if I’m in a hurry, then no… But sometimes I secretly feel bad if I see it and don’t do anything about it- ( sigh )

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from working in retail for two years… Yes. But not every shirt,! I’d be wanting to get paid for that!

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The question said “came across”, not caused.

As much as I might sympathize with anyone stuck in a department store all day, I find corporate shopping environments generally very surreal and sinister, in a candy-coated, muzak-saturated way, and I’m usually thinking about escape or how to change the world so these places don’t exist. My sympathy for the staff almost never translates to helping them tidy that sick environment.

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I would pick it up and hang it back up. I am a stay at home Mom of three treated daughters and a messy husband. It would be a force of habit because I am always picking up clothing…..etc.

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Sorry treated should have been teenage.

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I would pick it up and hang it, and immediately think that the staff in the store would wonder why I did it since it’d probably been on the floor all day. Then I’d laugh about how much I over-thought the whole thing.

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I’d pick it up and rehang it, unless I was in a terrible hurry..

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