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how many of you paid for the new radiohead album?

Asked by itsnotlikethat (27points) March 13th, 2008

I paid 8 bucks for the digital download, then 7.99 in stores. did you guys pay for the album? if so how much?

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wow, sorry! didnt think to search for this question. my apologies.

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Maybe they need to have a separate page for asking questions. Embed the siblings DIV on the right into that. That might cut into the repeats. I never think of using the search so I understand the doubles.

edit :: scratch that.. It wouldn’t work.

Maybe a page before your question goes live that ask if you really want to post this. It could list the Siblings and allow you to opt out.

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Happens all the time. No biggie.

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silly fluthers… Silly radiohead…. I like their old stuff better.

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Actually, they made more per download than they would have going with a label (about $2.26 per album).

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but thats not even the official could be way more than that..i think that is the least they made.

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