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Is it proper to ask people you meet on fluther to talk with you on the phone or by Skype?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (20009points) May 9th, 2010

I’m not looking to hook up with anyone. I’d just like to have a chance to talk with people.

Is this a violation of any fluther rules?
Is there a proper way to ask others to agree to this?
I’d have to ask people for their number and that is a sensitive matter. What do you think about this?

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I don’t know about such rules, so this is just my opinion. I don’t see how fluther could forbid people to exchange personal information if they want to.

Some people post links to their Facebook pages and blogs in their profiles. I don’t see anything wrong with putting a statement in your profile that you would welcome voice contact and inviting anyone who’s interested to PM you and exchange information privately.

Speaking for myself, as a matter of general practice (and nothing personal to you) I would not care to be asked directly for contact information. It’s one thing to make yourself available and another to ask someone else to take that step.

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If you want to chat just pm them!
I talk to lots of people from Fluther on Skype and webcam! Skype is easier than phone though because you just use a username and don’t have to give out a phone number so I would suggest doing that.

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@thriftymaid Is there a reason for giving such a sharp (aggressive) answer?
Am I being excessively considerate of fluther community culture?

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Once in a while people in the chat will get together and skype. I few times there have been 10+ of us doings a voice chat at the same time. Sometimes Shrubbery will read Harry Potter to Markky and I late at night. Good times.

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I have tried to but so far they are too chicken! ;) ” Bawk bawk bawk!!”

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I’ve only talked to one Fluther user on the phone (and not one that I knew prior to Fluther lol)
I’ve heard of Skype, and that’s probably what I’d use if I really was going to talk to multiple people.

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You can always PM and ask, but don’t be too hurt if they say no.

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I’ve learned by hard experience not to give personal contact information to anyone I haven’t met face-to-face. I know that this eliminates the possibility of getting to know people better, but the risk of stalking and harassment is worse. I also will not ask anyone for such information. I suppose it’s proper to exchange such information as long as both parties consent.

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If you want to talk but don’t want to give your phone number or skype details you could always create a skype account and email just for the purpose (like a mobile phone “burner”). If things don’t work out you can delete both accounts and that will be the end of it.

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[mod says] There’s no rule against asking, but if your request happens to be unwelcome and repetitive, someone might report it as harassment. Then a mod would get involved. Personally, I think the best thing to do is what @Jeruba suggested.

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I have text people. from fluther, its kinda nice when you get to no someone and want a more direct connection. Nothing wrong with making friends.

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I didn’t see what thriftymaid said, but she’s pretty sharp. The moderators have her flagged. I don’t know if they follow me or not. Whatever she said I agree with her.

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I wouldn’t be offended to be asked. If I didn’t know you that well and wasn’t comfortable, I’d just say sorry no. But generally I would be happy to chat or skype with Jellies, as Ryan said, I do it often :)

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I don’t see a problem with a request. Only maybe some people may not want too if they are like me. I mostly only come on fluther and I rarely have skype on or go on any other sites. Fluther is usually the best way to contact me. I’m horrible with email as well.
I’ll gladly talk with you anytime on fluther. :D

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