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What is the Most Scenic, Clean Town You've Ever Seen?

Asked by Aster (18947points) May 10th, 2010

I have read that Kaui, Hawaii is sensational looking. And that the polar opposite is Tijuana, Mexico. What is the most beautiful city or town you’ve ever visited and what is it that made it so beautiful?

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Astoria, Oregon. It has great Victorian buildings and an amazing setting at the mouth of the Columbia River.

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Blue Mountian Lake, in the Adirondacks of NY. The water is so blue and it is so beautiful coming down out of the mountians, it sears your soul..

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Anchorage, Alaska. this whole country is truly prestine. its virtually untapped by outside sources and that includes humans. on my fishing trip, i was shocked at the lack of trash and garbage that did NOT surround Alaska. no wonder so many people are moving there.

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Camden, Maine

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San Francisco, California is easily the most beautiful city I’ve been to, with San Diego, California as a close second. But that’s cliched. :)

Other than that, I’d give Genoa, Nevada my vote. It’s a small town in Douglas County, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe in the Carson Valley at the base of the mountains. It’s in one of the most beautiful valleys I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a prime location and when I searched Genoa, Nevada, on Google, this came up. Nevada isn’t ALL DESERT, ya see! :P

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Eureka Springs, Arkansas is in the top 10

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I remember loving Monterrey, California. We had a LEMON TREE bearing lemons, outside our motel bathroom window! It was in the backyard of a very modest home. I thought I was hallucinating.
We have driven through Eureka Springs many, many times and , to me, it’s the downtown or historic or shopping district that is so beautiful.

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Well there are two for me. Firstly, NYC especially when Giuliani was running the show. It was clean and friendly… the buildings are a vista of their own and then there are the parks… not just Central Park… all the little parks scattered around Manhattan. Secondly, Chattanooga. It is clean and the people are delightful… getting around on the free electric bus is especially fun. I think of Chattanooga like NYC with a Southern Flair. Like NYC’s Hudson River, Chattanooga has the Tennessee River running through with water taxis and push boats. Like NYC, there are museums and pockets of art colonies. Parks scattered about and please don’t forget to visit the North Shore Park (Coolidge Park) and the restored Carousel. You can walk everywhere downtown, no need for a car and parking… lots of eateries and outdoor cafes in both Cities. Every city and town has their own special charm so maybe I should mention Salt Lake City? Somebody stop me!

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@Aster Monterrey is excellent. :)

And that reminds me. I know I already posted, but I can’t believe I forgot about Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, which is right near Monterrey. What a quaint little (somewhat ritzy) perfect town. It’s right by the ocean, it’s beautiful, the houses are beautiful, it sounds like a place I’d want to retire to. My family owns a house not far from there (in Carmel Valley) and it’s one of my favorite places to be.

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Lincoln City, Oregon. I’ve wanted to live there forever. It’s got a real community feel to it, but it’s a tourist town, as well. Really beautiful coastline. Really awesome bi-annual kite festival, it’s so great to watch.
Another one is Victoria, BC. I went there for my sister’s birthday. Georgeous during the day, amazing at night. They’ve got carriage rides through the streets at night. The buildings light up and it’s just beautiful. There’s all these little shops hidden in alleys and old buildings. So fun!

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Palm Beach, Florida. The ocean, the intracoastal waterway, old mansions, the breakers hotel, art galleries, the Flagler museum, Worth Avenue, fine dinning, a bike path, fishing boats, pleasure boats, clean and safe.

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Telluride, Colorado. It’s a tiny ski town in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern colorado and it is unreal how beautiful it is. It’s not commercialized and gross like other big ski resorts like Breckenridge and Vail….it’s very small, very clean, very quaint, friendly, and so. so. so. beautiful.

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I have to say Frisco, Colorado. It is the cutest town that I have seen up in the mountains. It’s not too far from Vail and Breckenridge, it just kind of sits in the middle. The people there are very nice, and very helpful. It’s a picturesque little town.

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Interlaken, Switzerland

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