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You can be any age you want for 24 hours. How old would you be, and what would you do?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) May 10th, 2010

Either past or future, and it can be any day of the year… a holiday, birthday, whatever.

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Write down everything I remember. I’d be my own primary source.

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I’d be 21 in some fancy hotel in France with my 2 girlfriends.

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I want to be 12 again, and take back the conversation in which I told my dad that I never wanted to talk to him again (by orders of my deranged mother).

Maybe I’d still have a relationship with him today.

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I’d be about 25 again, & be able to have my pick of one of several men I know. A weekend in a nice hotel. Oh, yeah.

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ugh. i just want it to be july 9 2010 so i can be turning 21 in san francisco and doing obnoxious yet killer karaoke with my brother and boyfriend….why would i ever wish for anything else? ha.

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I’d go back to October 10, 2008 (I was 27). That’s the day my husband officially proposed to me and we got married 3 hours later. It was a great day.

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August 7, 2009.

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I wish I could be 27 again, and talk to my parents one more time.
I would ask them how two people from massively disfunctional families were able to have such a stable home.

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I’d be twenty again, buy a drop-dead outfit and go dancing. I’d meet some pretty interesting men. I’d dance for many hours.
Pretty deep, huh? Oh; and I certainly wouldn’t go to sleep.
I’d spend the last two hours stuffing my face eating Hershey’s with almonds. But, I’d be happy to share…

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I am at the perfect age now i am going to celebrate my 18th birthday in 48 hours.

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@TogoldorMandar Happy early birthday!

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@TogoldorMandar – Happy birthday in advance!

I’d be 18 again, in high school back home with all my friends. But only for 24 hours. I’m too happy with my life right now.

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@Draconess25 and @xxii Thank you ill make sure that ill never forget my 18 birthday XD

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@TogoldorMandar On my 18th, I forgot it was my birthday until I was reminded.

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Very, very old, so that I would never fear it again.

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I’d be 40 again.

I was in kick ass buff shape, running 3 miles a day, riding my horse ten miles every other day, weight training, I was a little dynamo…now I’ve gone soft. Waaaaa…wheres my Corona? haha

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I would choose the age of 5 and take a little road trip for the day :)

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I’d be 100 years old to see if it’s worth shooting for.

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I’d be 22 again but only if she can come with me and I’d lock the door.

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My age minus one week—but first I’d write down the lottery numbers that won this week.

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I’d like to be 43 again and newly married to my lovely Meghan.

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I’d be 27 again and I’d spend the day with my Grandmother who would end up dying very soon having not seen me in years.

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200 just because no one has ever gotten that far.

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19. before i got pregnant, wild times.parties,my pick of what guy i wanted. good times.

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June 1976, I would be eleven years old. I would spend the entire 24 hours with my mother. I would drink in every drop of her and record or write down every word of every conversation we had. I would ask about her childhood, her job as playboy bunny, her family, her faith, motherhood, her marriage. I would probably bring along a still camera and take pictures of us together.

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I think I’ll just age the way I age, because this teaches me to always do the right thing and also keeps me from having a reason to distort time. You people know exactly what happens when I get my hair caught in that sh!t.

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27 is the perfect age. You look hot…..your body works great!!

21 years ago

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@jazmina88: Oh so when I turn 27 next week, my body will finally be hot and work great? Woo! lol

@SuperMouse: How sweet :) I miss when I cared about my mom that way.

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I would be 17–18 and try to do things right this time, pay a bit more attention to what parents said and not been so stubborn, impulsive and such a smart aleck!

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Oh oh I know! I’d be four years old! My first vacation in Hawaii yeah!!

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@WolfFang 4? do you even remember being 4? i dont

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I totally remember being four!

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@poofandmook .. really i cant remember back that far, i guess nothing good happend

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actually, the only specific memories I have of being four are with my grandpa. Which is equally as strange.

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@slick44 yeah I remember! it was only 12 years ago! My earliest memories are from when I was 2 yrs. back at my babysitters house

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@WolfFang… no way, you remember being 2?

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@slick44 Yeah. Not like the whole years, just specific experiences…It gets fragmented beyond recognition before 1.5 yrs. I remember alot of my 3 yr. old days and 4yrs. and up I remember most all of it.

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@WolfFang… thats amazing. i have a memory of my 5th birthday, but not much of it. and thats it.

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@slick44 huh…well don’t forget! You’ll want to cherish all of em sooner or later right!

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Ya if i can remember them

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@WolfFang… oh i see now you are young. good for you, hold those memories close and dont forget the good times.

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45 just to see if I am married and have children.

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I’d go back to April 4, 2004 and I would delay the departure of the car in which I was riding when I became permanently disabled and my daughter suffered lasting injuries as well.

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@Dr_Lawrence Good point. I’d like to go back to November 6, 2009 and delay Meg from leaving the house, same reason.

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I sure wish you could. From what you’ve told us about the two of you, you should still be together enjoying life.

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@Dr_Lawrence She was my life. I’m like a ship without a rudder now.

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My (step)daughter’s husband died four days after Meagan. She feels lost at sea as well.

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I’d be 2, so I could play with my son.
Although we’d probably end up fighting and sobbing because we couldn’t cope with sharing our toys.

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Either the age I am now (16) or 18.

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