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I just reinstalled Windows 7, what should I install?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) May 11th, 2010

What are your “must have” apps soon as you get your fingers on a fresh OS? (Basic stuff like firefox/chrome aside)

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Antivirus software. I’m sure that comes under basic stuff, but it’s amazing how many people forget about it.

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@iphigeneia Yea I’m talking more about the fun stuff.

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Games of course! I use my pc for gaming alot so I would install some games, i would get the Xfire application to supplement…and I also use Magix and Wavelab for sound/video editing

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I would definitely get Civilization 4 and of course I have to have my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Most recent drivers, Windows updates, Internet security, Daemon tools, 7zip, Open Office or a Pirated MS Office, VLC Media Player, QMP or Winamp, Firefox, Total Commander, an Email Client like Thunderbird, Gimp or, preferably, a Pirated Photoshop, Acrobat reader, Flash pluging for Firefox.

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Anti-virus, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Master Collection (photoshop, acrobat, etc.), Nero (burning CDs), Winrar (for .rar and .zip files), various video editing and music programs, etc. iTunes (if you need it), AIM, SKYPE…stuff like that

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Starcraft II Beta.

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install google chrome its really fast then later install opera browser

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oh and AVG antiviris is also a good thing to do. And above all its Free and covers quite good.

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McAfees for virus protection. Firefox. Open Office instead of MS Office. The Gimp for graphics & photomanipulation. World of Warcraft and Second Life for fun.

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