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Do you follow The Biggest Loser?

Asked by MissA (7391points) May 11th, 2010

Do you watch it for entertainment, motivation or some other reason?

How do you feel about the dramatics?

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Not following the current series, but generally I like it, for the entertainment and because it makes me feel better about the 55 lbs I gained during pregnancy! I have since lost 45 lbs, but think I’ll always have that extra 10 around the middle!

I’m a tv junkie and I love the “dramatics”. I have no shame.

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Some of my friends think I’m silly for watching “a bunch of fat people who just need to stop eating”. If only it were that easy. I think anyone who’s been even a little overweight should have compassion and understanding for these folks desperately trying to lose weight and gain their health back.

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I don’t follow it, I just watch it sometimes because some of the women are super sexy.

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@MissA I don’t think it’s silly at all; I actually think the problem of obesity is quite serious indeed. If it helps raise awareness of the benefits of healthy diet and a good exercise regime, and is entertaining to boot, what’s silly about that?

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Some years ago I watched the first few seasons. I enjoyed it from the perspective of someone that was trying very hard to lose a lot of weight, but the drama was always a little off putting. Even for a reality show, I find it in poor taste to pit the participants against each other when the overall goal of everyone involved is to improve their health. The whole ‘elimination’ thing is particularly offensive – why are people sent home, where they presumably will have a harder time losing whatever remaining weight they are trying to lose? To me that is putting the contest part of the show above the welfare of the participants – which is a nice way of saying the show is ultimately Hollywood bullshit. Still, I love seeing people successfully lose weight – that is far more important in the long run than whatever criticisms I have of the contest end of things.

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Its really unhealthy. I used to watch because I’m really big into fitness, but I can’t stand watching these people be tortured. They exploit the terrible things that these people have gone through for television.
Honestly, if I wanted to sit around and watch people cry for an hour, I’d get an emotional girlfriend or something.

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I was once a fan of the show. The contestants were very sincere and inspiring, and I enjoyed cheering for them. Over time, though, I became disgusted and stopped watching.

First, the show turned into a weekly info-mercial. The two trainers continually plug sponsors’ products under the guise of honest, unrehearsed conversations with the contestants.

Second, I dislike how people are forced to disrobe for weigh-ins. This is especially true for the men, who have to take off their t-shirts and expose their torsos. Yes, we get it—these people are obese. There’s no need for the audience to gawk at fat, flabby bodies.

Third, the trainers may be effective, but they’re also cruel. If anyone screamed at and humiliated me in that manner, I’d walk right out the door.

Fourth, the weight-loss expectations are unrealistic. A loss of 5–8 lbs. per week is remarkable and outstanding, but these poor contestants become ashamed of such results. If they don’t hit the magic double-digit weight loss figure—impossible for most women, and unhealthful for any man—they weep with self-loathing.

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I eat when I watch the biggest loser.I dont really know wht.It’s like “oh poor guy” munch munch so I dont watch it that much anymore.

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@Primobabe I agree.. I’ve always found it disturbing how many contestants are unhappy.. or even shocked, if they don’t lose double digits in a week. That’s just not healthy.. mentally or physically.

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On a whim I watched the 10th season on Hulu. I notice that they only ever do wiegh ins. I had always thought that with things like working out, using weights and kettle balls (or bells depending on how Russian you are), that you also build muscle mass.

In particular, in the 10th season they spend a week at a Marine boot camp. During the weigh in at least two people gained a pound. While I’m sure it’s good for ratings to see fat people cry, I have to ask myself, “Isn’t it possible these people worked out so much they gained a pound in muscle, not fat?” But that never seems to be taken into account.

Am I wrong on this? Does it not work that way?

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