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What's the name of the 4 beeps you hear before you start a game in Halo?

Asked by Bugabear (1712points) May 11th, 2010

In halo before you start a game or you join the multiplayer lobby there’re 4 beeps that signify that the countdown has begun. What are they called and where can I find a clear version of them. You can kinda hear it here. Skip to 2:30.

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There is two beeps in Halo, one is for a trip mine & the one you are talking about, not sure if it has a term for Halo use, but I know it as a respawn countdown timer.

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You would be talking about the respawn countdown timer, when the respawn is set to 3 seconds.

The best bet it to make a custom game and record them yourself. I can do it tomorrow if you would like.

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Its just a countdown. There’s a program called Audacity that has a synthesizer; I doubt it will take you more than 20 minutes to make it by audacity, or more than 5 to run your xbox through a recorder of some variety and chop out the beeps.

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Thanks for the answers but I have no idea how to use Audacity. I remember trying to make a ringtone louder,but that didn’t work. @ShiningToast That would be great. I was planning on using it for a video I’m making.

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@Bugabear Ok, I’ll try to get a good clip of it tomorrow after my exam.

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I call them Aurthur.

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