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Is there a way to lose weight fast without taking pills or anything?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) April 11th, 2009

Today I tried on my shorts from last summer. None of them fit. FML.

I really just want to be able to fit into my old shorts and not have to go out and buy new clothes.

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From what I hear, nothing beats good old diet and exercise. Burn more calories than you take in.

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Then, more sex.

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@Zen: Ummm…Thanks?

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What essieness said.
Fad diets are hard to keep to and normally end up making you fatter by yo-yo dieting. I really mean it just live a healthy life.

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No, no fast way that’s safe. Just change your eating habits for the rest of your life and the weight will slowly come off and stay off.

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@Zen: WTF? Thanks, I really needed to hear “I’m stuck on you” over and over again.

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Exercise and eating healthy. It works very quickly for me.

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Drop your daily calories to 1500. Make sure these calories are comprised of lean meats like chicken breast, seafood and lean cuts of pork and lots of vegetables. Cut out all sugary drinks, frappucinos, mochas – and drink mostly water. Cut out as many simple carbs as you can – like pasta, bread, and candy. Do cardio for at least an hour daily, and do weights every other day if you can.

Although this isn’t entirely fun, it should work fairly quickly.

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I didn’t like losing weight like this counting calories made me paranoid and think about food more, it does work for some people just not me.
A hour of cardio a day, that’s a lot.

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@Myndecho: Well, you don’t have to be exact about it per se. The point is to think about what you’re eating and replace the high calorie stuff with more filling, lower calorie stuff. Stop eating fries, replace your eggs with egg whites, stay away from baked goods with Crisco in them, etc.

Like others have said, you simply have to burn more than you’re eating.

An hour of cardio a day is a lot but even if you do 30— 40 minutes, that’s something. You said you wanted to lose weight quickly. Being disciplined like this is really the only way to do it.

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How about exercise and a lot of it?

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Believe me, and I speak from experience, the only thing that works, apart from illness, is diet and exercise. When I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago, I went on a regimen of low fat, high fibre foods coupled with regular exercise. I lost 100 lb in a little over a year. Weight maintenance after that was not too difficult.

But, it is not all easy street. I have depression (often linked to diabetes), and when I am down, I eat. Right now I am “down” so the regimen has gone by the board and I have stopped exercising. Only a modicum of caution has prevented me from absolutely gorging on sweets and starchy foods. How do I manage? I remind myself of why I eat, and that, like an addictive drug, eating gives temporary relief only. So my weight gain has been slow and my sugar levels still controllable. But one day I will have to wake up, and know that I have fewer chances than some to repair the damage I am doing to myself (I am 65).

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[mod says] Unhelpful, silly, absurd. mean comments removed.

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the extreme model diet
Marlboro lights, perrier water (lot’s of it) and bubblegum (that’s when you need to fit in the clothes in no time…)
the regular model diet
banana (1) and an apple for breakfast, celery w/ tomatoes and yellow pepper salad (no dressing, just lemon and a bit of salt) for lunch and of course tea and crackers for dinner, the first 2 days it’s going to be awful, by the third day you’ll be fine… and don’t forget, lot’s of water…

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Eat less. Move more. easy to say, harder to do, but it works.

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i agree with the sex answer.

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I forget what I had written that was moderated. Oy.

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Eat healthfully and do a lot of walking, climbing stairs, and other things you can do no matter where you are. Even fidgeting at your desk burns calories. If you eat healthful, nutritious foods and consume around 1500 calories (I’m totally estimating this since I don’t know your height and weight) a day, you’ll notice really quickly that you drop a lot of water weight. Technically that does make you “lose weight fast.” Cutting out greasy foods and things that tend to make you bloated will naturally make your abs a little flatter as well. Whatever you do, don’t expect permanent results to come quickly.

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@russellsouza Good show, passepartout!

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What? I speak French and I have no idea what you mean.

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This is boring: you asked “Is there a way to lose weight fast without taking pills or anything?”

Answer: NO! Diet and excercise like the ROTW!

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[mod says] @Zen Sorry that you find providing actual answers to actual questions “boring”, but that is the nature of this site. Please try to keep your “comedic stylings” to yourself when people have asked for serious answers. Thanks.

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@shilolo I’ve given you a “great answer”! Excellent job of moderating. I shall refrain in the future. Good day, Sir.

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Haha, fluther takes itself a little too seriously methinks. I don’t really consider “can I lose wait while sitting on my fatass” a serious question either.

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It’s weight, @Danielzilla , not wait. And this is a serious place. The mod said so. But I did give a serious answer above, look up.^

(This is boring: you asked “Is there a way to lose weight fast without taking pills or anything?”

Answer: NO! Diet and excercise like the rest of the world.)

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I am fully aware that it is weight not wait. Trekkie, it’s two in the morning and I’m doing several other things so my bad. For some reason I have a hard time remembering that the internet is serious business.

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Quite serious, here at fluther.headquarters.orgy (oops,

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@Zen – At one point I had added you to my Fluther but now I hope you get booted because of your childish and incessant posts. What makes you think that you deserve a third of the posts on this thread? Go play on MySpace with the other kids.

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@Danielzilla – The simple fact that I’ve gained weight does not mean that I am fat. Also, my question was not “Can I lose weight while sitting on my fatass?” I simply wanted to know of specific things I could do to lose weight faster. For example, specific exercises like sit-ups, or specific foods. I’m sorry you misunderstood my question. I’ll try to write future questions so that people like you won’t have trouble reading or understanding them.

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@global_nomad – A quick way to lose 10–15 pounds is to cut out soda and snacks. I recently did this and lost the weight within a week. It also helps to not eat after 7 or 8pm.

Combine this with 30–60 minutes of cardio like riding a bike or walking and you will see an even bigger drop. Good Luck!

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@global_nomad Sorry, there is no royal road to weight loss. It takes effort, commitment and more effort. Eat fewer calories than you burn and couple it with exercise. And drink plenty of water. You can fool your stomach for about half an hour with a glass of water. It helps to have 4–5 small meals during the day rather than 3 big ones. You don’t need any special foods but some are naturally high calorie, like sugars, fats and starches. So you must control your consumption of these. And walk a lot if you do not want to go to a gym. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

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@fireside – Thanks, I’ve recently cut out soda and am only drinking water, and I’ve stopped eating late because I realized that I was going to bed right after dinner.

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Grapefruits help you lose weight, just don’t add sugar, obviously.

Also, I kid you not, I used to do this… If you can stomach taking 1–2 shots of vinegar before every meal, it will help you take weight off.

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Screw the fad diets! EAT food!
Eat 3 meals a day, 5 hours between each meals, drink at least 2 litres of water. no snacks.
Each meal should consist of one part protien, one part carbs.
Protiens are lean meants (grilled, roasted) 150g
Carbs are your vegetables/ fruits. (200g)
Milk is also a protein, as are eggs…

Whatever you do – dont starve yourself, this slows down your metabolism and makes it sluggish, your body goes into ‘starvation’ mode and anything you eat then gets stored for energy, which if you dont burn, turns into fat!
Be sensible and be reasonable when it comes to losing weight, make a lifestyle change!

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Eat properly or eat mostly fruits,vegetables and some lean meat.
Read Ultra Metabolism by Mark Hyman.
I do not eat red meat.

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