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Should i spur my ex-colleague to join the company i am working at?

Asked by CarterChen (123points) May 12th, 2010

For the sake of business expansion, the company i am working at wanna hire more developer. The company encourages us to recommend our qualifed friend by providing us award of 500d. I think it isn’t moral to dig developer from my ex-corporation? But i am craving the awards. so i am hesitating what am i supposed to do?

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If you think the new company will help your coworker earn more money, be happier or something positive then I would say the money is just a side-benefit. If the only reason you’re looking at getting them hired is for your own personal gain- then I would question the morality of the choice. Offering them the opportunity also doesn’t guarantee they will want to go to a new job, or that they will be hired.

I would write a pro/con list and see which column looks more pleasing to you and doesn’t make you feel that you’ve betrayed your morals.

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Unless you have a clause in a contract from your previous employer to prevent such events, shake away the moral conscious and let your friend know of the opportunity at your new company. It then will be up to him to decide if the new opportunity is right for “him”! Just be sure he is a quality hire or your new company may question your judgment in recommending a dud.

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Just letting your friend know of the opening is not a bad thing. If he wants to leave, it is up to him.

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This is a great chance for you to network. Networking really isn’t being cutthroat and using people; it’s stuff just like this. You might know more people who are qualified for this job than just the one friend; maybe you just don’t know them that well. Friends of friends, people who you worked with on a team, people you met at conferences, and other old co-workers who might be qualified are all examples of someone you could tell about this job opening. What you’re doing is strengthening relationships and helping people. You can continue to work on these relationships by e-mailing people to ask how they are, having lunch with them, asking them for advice, inviting them to parties, introducing them to others who may help them, etc. Later, say, if you’re looking for a job, maybe your network can help you. This is a great way to start.

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There are many times when business and ethics don’t mix well. Compromising those ethics is sometimes necessary. A vegetarian who works at McDonalds is an example. Some companies make you sign a document protecting their customers or human resources. If you didn’t sign one then get the money.

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