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Should i delete my computer viruses from the vault or leave them alone?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 12th, 2010

I just ran an overnight AVG scan on my pc and discovered i have 16 viruses. according to AVG, these viruses are contained in a vault. Question: is it okay to delete these viruses or will they forever be contained in the vault, safely?

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Get rid of them. The only reason for the vault to exist is a holding tank for any false positives AVG might pick up. Unless you see something in there that is clearly something you want to keep, get rid of it.

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Yep @IchtheosaurusRex is right

There might be certain programs you use and assuming they are clean that AVG might see as a threat by the it “acts” or runs.

For example I play a online FPS that has extra anti hack engine to stop hackers ( game is called AVA not bad for free)

but avast seen it as a 3rd party threat program so without thinking I deleted it and had to reinstall the game….

For the most the part you probably won’t have any problems but better to double check.

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With any virus youre safest bet would be to delete them especially if you are unsure if they are harming your computer. Odds are if you have 16 viruses on your computer one or two of them are harming your computer. Most logic decision go through and make sure you dont absolutely need the progra if not GET RID OF IT!

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