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I seem to have lost my favorites list on my computer. How do I get it back?

Asked by crazyandbeautiful (551points) May 12th, 2010

I have made a list of favorites on my laptop and/or bookmarks. And woke up to look something up and could not find the list. Is there a way to get it back? Thanks

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If you’re using Windows 7 or Vista, look in the users directory (or Documents and Settings in XP, I think). See if you have two directories with your laptop login name, one with just your login name and one with your login name, a dot, and some sort of thing after the dot.

If you do, then your favorites (I assume your using Internet Explorer) can probably be saved.

In Windows 7 and Vista your favorites will be saved as a folder named Favorites in:
C:\Users\[your login name]\Favorites. You’d copy it from the older directory (probably without the .whatever) into the same place in the new directory.

If this is the case then finding out why Windows created a new profile for you would be the next thing to figure out.

If you’re not using any Windows at all then I probably can’t help.

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You have probably tried this, but just in case, does rebooting fix it?

If yes, no need to read on.

My XP laptop sometimes does this and, as @mrentropy describes, a whole new directory is created with a My Documents, Favorites, etc.

The first one is the “real” one, the second is the empty one.
C:\Documents and Settings\jaytkay
C:\Documents and Settings\jaytkay.LJLJ45

Hope you get them back intact!

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Are you using Firefox? Ignore this answer if you aren’t, but I did occasionally get this when I was using Firefox and followed this guide thoroughly. It looks a little overwhelming…I suggest you skip down to the ‘Restoring bookmarks from backup’ section.

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