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I'm watching the Habs play the Pens right now (Go Habs!); who started the Hockey Playoff beard and when did it start?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 12th, 2010

They look like the Wooly Willy Mini Magic guy (you know the one with metal filings and a magnetic board).

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It’s up for debate but it really started with the 1980 Islanders from what I know. (Lifelong hockey player and fan)

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Ah, I had to give you great answer @outofalpha. :) I love that I got the Wayne Greet-zky award for that.

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@outofalpha I think you’re right.

@jjmah—If the B’s blow this series, I’ll be rooting for the Habs too (for Meg).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land =)

I’m a Senator’s fan. I like your Bruins, as well, though..

(As long as it didn’t up being the Wings, who are now out <<ducks>>)

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Speaking of Gretzky….I think he tried to grow a playoff goatee when he was with the Blues. Man….pathetic. Lemieux could never grow one either

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Les Canadiens ont gagne!

Montreal Canadien defeat Pittsburgh Penguins!

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aw man no more pittsburgh hate please :(

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