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Have you ever deFluthered someone or thought about it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 13th, 2010

Have you ever deFluthered anyone, kicked then from your collective, snipped their tentacle? If so what was the reason not to follow them anymore? They never participated, got testy with you, something else?

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Yes. If they haven’t been active for a long time or if they pm’d me and told me to.

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Only because there used to be a limit of how many you could add. To make room for the new I had to delete the old.

I guess that makes me the Larry King of Fluther.

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For the same reason @johnpowell mentioned. The people I removed were no longer active.

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Like @johnpowell I have had to weed out long gone jellies to make room for more active ones. No one has ever asked me to remove them and I wouldn’t if they did so don’t bother! ;D

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I think I have by accident.

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Same as above, only the inactive ones. I never get testy. I love everyone.

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@all How do you kow a Jelly has washed ashore and is no longer active? Ummmmmm?

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Click on their Avatar. If they’re gone, you’ll get this

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Absolutely, once I learned something of them that I found disagreeable. So what, it’s my fluther.

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Haha!!! This question reminds me of Halliburton_Shill’s little freak out about not wanting other people adding him to their Fluthers.

God is it sad that I have emotional responses to memories of imaginary people who are no longer here.

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@kevbo I remember him! and from too!

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Sometimes I do it on accident, but I immediately re-ad. I also remove users that haven’t been active for at least 9 months or more.

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Yes, I delete those who haven’t been here in a long time, too.

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I like to welcome and greet newbies, it’s just something I do. I wouldn’t be here if @filmfann and gail and a few others hadn’t initially greeted me. So I am “giving back” to the community that way.

This means I have to constantly delete in order to add. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I actually hadn’t thought about it until now – perhaps smoeone thought I deleted them from my fluther for personal reasons – but I’ve actually never done that.


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I use other people’s fluthers to help gauge who they are, what kind of person, that sort of thing. I’m somewhat picky about mine and I also want it to be a reflection of me. I usually hold off on adding people until they’ve been here a while and I’ve gotten a feel for what kind of jelly they are. I hate adding someone and then later finding out they are crazy, don’t play well with others, hold offensive opinions, are narrow-minded, etc.

So, yes, I have removed people from my fluther once it’s been made clear to me that we aren’t on the same wavelength. I think once or twice I removed someone because I was really mad/irritated with them, but that’s pretty much faded now and I would add them back if I would ever remember it. And it takes more than disagreeing with me to be removed, I’m not that petty or bitchy.

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I thought the Fluther thing was to keep an eye on members who’s activity interests you, rather than a friend list like on AB or MySpace.
So I don’t really think about it, and mostly I just don’t add people if I don’t think I’ll be checking out their activity in particular, rather than remove them. I’ll admit though, some are great friends, and I’ve removed some people, but I can’t remember why haha.

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@MissAnthrope brings up a good point… I’m not terribly quick to add anyone. I wait until I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what they’re like. Also, I forget to add people all the time. I’ll go to someone’s profile to send them a PM and notice they’re not in my Fluther… even though I meant to add them long before then!

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I did when I noticed that that person had deleted me. I don’t know why, but I was tiffed.

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