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Is anyone else wondering where all the new users came from?

Asked by CWOTUS (25505points) April 25th, 2012

I’m glad to see them, and there are some interesting questions coming up (and welcome, y’all), but why so many (and where from?) all at once?

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The numbers are getting better.

Maybe removing Social and Meta from Google has helped get around the Panda problem.

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Ah, interesting. The “Month” graph looks a lot like it did back in December now.

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I don’t know @CWOTUS but I vote we keep them! Perhaps it is Spring fever where you are and where I am it is getting cold so people are snuggled up pondering the wonders of life and the world.

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College term is done, some folks have more time to spend surfing the internet?

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I click to share lots of my questions on my Facebook page. I hope that is lots of us do that, we’ll be blessed with a continuing flow of new users who see something there that catches their eye, click over here, and decide to stick around for the fun. For some reason, though, the Facebook share widget has been erroring out about 50% of the time lately. It worked perfectly when I first used it.

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Did some other Q& A site wisdm and burn?

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@woodcutter Let’s hope some of the new users will answer this question and share what brought them here.

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@woodcutter LOL. “wisdm and burn?” I Ioved, that was my true home, as Fluther is now, but don’t talk about it that way. Really, have some respect for the dead and for those of us who loved

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It’s pretty easy to always remember the good points of anything passing, firstly. That’s the way we would prefer to keep a memory alive. But it’s also healthy to keep it real. I think it is.

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@woodcutter I know… did crash and burn. The End. I do miss it though, even after all this time. It was special.

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What ever happened to all the other startups that some of the wissers got up? They all died too?

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I know i’m not….wondering that is.

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I joined another site a little over a year ago after, according to long standing members there, a redesign had decreased its usefulness. For a while some questions that members asked were worthy of my efforts to answer them. Now, there are few questions that I bother with. Someone there suggested I check out Fluther and I have been pleasantly surprised. Fluther’s structure allows me to better follow questions in my areas of interest. I hope this site does not follow Askville’s decline.

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Did the stork bring them?

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Well it is nice to have you here @Bill1939.

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I just thought they drifted here on the tide along with the bladderwrack and plastic bottles and strange things you really-do-not-want-to-know-what-they-are.

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@Bill1939 Sounds like Answerbag. I left there and settled here after the redesign.

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Old question, answering anyway. I came a while back following the demise of my Q&A hang-out, Knowpost. Several people had migrated over there from Answerbag and were given a hard time for not following the rules, and generally trying to turn it into AB2. I liked most of those guys myself with a few notable rude exceptions. Soon afterwards KP folded, and sadly there was nothing to take its place. I searched for Q&A sites and this was one listed. I lurked for alittle while, people seemed civil, and I joined. I’ve returned this time following a long break from almost everything social except Facebook which I have grown weary of the constant airing of relationship grievances. I like it here!

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@VS I like it here too, so I’d just like to say, welcome back!

I, too, think that Facebook is tiresome and controlling and it’s only the friends I like, not much of the comments, etc.

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@VS I’m an AnswerBag refugee myself. There, I was Jim in a Nautilus COAT.

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Outer space.

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