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Why do people ask questions here that are easily answered?

Asked by MissA (7391points) May 13th, 2010

Many times a quick web search will reveal the answer to a question. So, are some questions asked for the sake of asking? Is it for lurve?

It sort of diminishes the quality of the site. Am I not seeing it correctly?

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Because everyone craves interaction with other people (even if it’s through the computer) and getting an answer for something that could be found on the first page of a Google search is a way of getting that interaction.

Also people are dumb.

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Sometimes the asker is very young, sometimes the asker is looking for homework help, sometimes the asker is lazy, sometimes the asker is not from the States, sometimes the asker is looking to make mischief.

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Because the greatest minds in the world are on Fluther.

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@ChazMaz LMAO…........oh me!

@gailcalled my vote goes to your answer!

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too many idiots with internet access?

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Because fluther is more personal. Asking google requires searching through tons of garbage in order to find the right answer and even then you can’t be sure it’s 100% true. Fluther is interactive. If one person claims pigs can fly, there will be at least 10 other people who will call bullshit and give you the real answer.

And sometimes we already know the answer to the question but we need to write it all out and be reassured. It allows us to vent and it’s therapeutic.

Other times it’s a kid who needs help with homework or is a troll.

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I could answer this, but it would be too easy.

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Sometimes some information presented on certain subjects could be too advanced for some people to follow, especially kids doing homework or medical or legal information, by asking questions on fluther it allows people to clarify meanings in plain english.

also sometimes its good to get advice from people who have actually had first hand experience in certain subjects or help in clarifying what works best out of a list of possiblilities – there is so much junk on google it is sometimes difficult to know what to believe when there are conflicting arguments. actual people’s knowledge is far better than trying to distinguish what information on search engines to believe.

other times, maybe someone is just lonely and wants to start a discussion.

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I think I just answered your question. I’m one of the idiots with internet access.

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Because they can?

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Because sometimes it can bring on good conversation.

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Stupid is as stupid does. The stupidEST reject the links they are given, wanting it broken down further into words of one syllable.

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@dpworkin Don’t get me started…

To answer your question, @MissA: So, are some questions asked for the sake of asking? Is it for lurve? It sort of diminishes the quality of the site. Am I not seeing it correctly?

I thought so too – but Andrew et al have taken care of this problem, in my humblest opinion, with the new social/serious categories.

@drClaw and @chels are correct – some people like this inter-action, but are simply unable to come up with a stimulating question. Not everyone is a writer, which reminds me: Questions should be given the most lurve – answer are easy!

Then there’s the newbs. They just have to learn.

There are some twits and dolts and nuts, too.

There are the lurve-whores.

But then it takes all kinds, right?

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<===== Lurve-Whore

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<====== Plain old whore.

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don’t be so modest. i’m sure you are a Fancy Whore.

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Ah – I wouldn’t pay a nickel for either of yez.

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janbb is perfectly happy with her homeless wino. He’s low maintenance.

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I’ll tell my husband you said that.

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It used to be because they didn’t know how to look things up, and none of the search engines were specific enough to easily find an answer. Now I think it’s just lazy or goofing off.

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Sometimes ou can get conversation.Sometimes just for attenion.Or maybe because all the smart people answer questions on futher.

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I asked one the other day that I could’ve easily found myself. But I Googled instead of going right to the manufacturer’s website.

So, in my case, the answer is, “sometimes we just have a brainfart.”

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I like futher.

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Well, according to Andrew (one of the site founders) his mum gets very upset when she asks a question here, and people tell her to “go and google it”.

Some people (of a certain generation, luddites, hippies, others) are just not that familiar with search engines, and prefer the ‘personal’ interaction on Fluther. Or they are perfectly familiar with search engines, but are really looking for a personal point of view or experience.

And like @poofandmook says, brain farts also have a lot to do with it.

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Questions are only easy to answer if you know the answer. What may seem blatantly obvious to you (and indeed most) might not be to the asker.

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@Lightlyseared I would have to add…“easy to know if you know how to FIND the answer”.

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why do people use the term “brain fart” to mean they forgot something or something slipped their mind? Does a regular fart have the same effect on other body parts? I tried Googleing with no success.

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Um, in a regular fart gas escapes from your bum, in a brain fart your brain to mouth filter malfunctions, resulting in the release of ‘hot air’, or in this case ‘hot typing’. Maybe?

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I had no trouble at all finding over 260 thousand listings using goodsearch and they donate to my favorite charity for every search. wikipedia has this to say.

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Brain fart = something slips your mind.
Fart = something slips your bum.

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I am such a shy person, don’t have any friends so hanging around here, asking/answering questions, makes me feel special, like, I belong to somewhere, and when somebody(specially the people in my fluther) makes me feel like sombody cares, that somebody actually took time to “listen what I had to say” I am so glad I found this site, I <3 fluther !

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