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What are some good options for an alarm sound that would wake up the most determined of sleepers?

Asked by ucme (45341points) May 13th, 2010

Just a hypothetical yet pertinent for some request for examples of a song or a piece of music or even a noise that would do the trick.Humour of course would be most welcome.

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Trombones….76 of them to be exact!

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Ooh, I’d use the music from the short Rejected!

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the sound of a jake brake. such an obnoxious sound. or a really loud fart? who wouldn’t wake up to that?

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I would rather an obtrusive odor. I tend to inject sounds into my dreams.

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“obtrusive odor” :D

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For me, a pager. It doesn’t matter how deeply asleep I am, it will always wake me up. (It will usually make me jump high enough to hit the ceiling, too…)

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I used to live with a family with a daughter who would practice on her harp every morning. Talk about a lovely way to be roused from sleep.

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This alarm clock looks promising.

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I like this one – you can’t hit the snooze and go back to sleep because it rolls off your night stand and you have to get up and chase it around to turn it off. Highly annoying, but effective.

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Some manufacturers suggest the recorded voice of a most obnoxious relative or your boss.

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Record and arrange to play back
The sound of noisy garbage trucks
the sound of an automobile collision
the sound of firetrucks
the sound of an animal or child crying out in need—not sure where you would get this except from movies or sound labs—not recommending any torture here!

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John Philip Sousa Marches – this one time at band camp, it woke me up

hot jazz


and the Pink Floyd clocks on Time

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I definitely agree with Reveille. My cell phone has that for a ring tone, and I use it to wake up in the mornings!

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never mind

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Ace of Spades by Motörhead!

\m/ \m/

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