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Is P90X really that hard?

Asked by josie (29125points) May 13th, 2010

I am in pretty good shape, and I like to exercise. I have been thinking about buying P90X, but a friend told me it is just too hard. He is not in terrific shape, so I am not sure that his negative endorsement is valid. What do you say?

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My friend (age 30ish) is thin, smokes and is in decent shape. He had to stop/scale back because the intensity caused his muscles to tear to the extent that blood was turning up in his urine. I realize that may sound odd, but that diagnosis came from a doctor visit.

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It’s challenging, yes, but doable. Forgo the weights at first, then move to resistance bands. Rest when you need to. It’ll definitely get you into shape.

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The yoga part is hard.Other than that is doable.My 11 year old cousin can do 1 fourth of it.Then she gets tired.

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