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Should you eat following an intense workout?

Asked by Baddreamer27 (705points) January 26th, 2011

I have been doing alot of cardio…due to my work schedule I try and work out after a 12 hour night shift, then I get home and Im starving. Is it ok to eat a small breakfast (usually cornflakes plain w/milk)? Also is it ok for me to go to bed following that small breakfast or does this routine just ruin all my hard work at the gym?

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You should eat well after exercise. Protein will help build your muscles, and carbohydrate will replenish your glycogen supplies.

If the aim of your exercising is fat burning, it is best to avoid food before exercise and train at moderate intensity, and then still have a decent meal afterwards.

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Eat but eat well. I take a banana, a few grapes, green/jasmine tea (very good after a workout), a few almonds/walnuts, etc.

Eat the right stuff. Avoid sweets, anything with sugar and butter, oily food, alcohol, smoking etc.

Focus on milk, eggs (white only, discard the yolk), green vegetables, spinach, almonds, fish (try to avoid red meat), fruits (apple and bananas are really good), green/jasmine tea (de-toxicates the body, etc…

hope this helped!

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Working out, then eating, then sleeping, that sounds like the perfect order.
When you sleep, your body repairs the “damage” you’ve done to it by working out. A good meal, with all the right nutrients, gives it the materials with which to rebuild the tissue and make it stronger.

You might want to consider a decent portion of complex carbohydrates before your work-out, too (think oats, knäckebröd, grain products in general). It’ll give you energy, and it’ll tell your metabolism there’s no need to keep a lot of emergency calories in storage.

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The magic complex carb is a small portion of steel-cut oatmeal. Better than cornflakes although takes a few minutes more to prepare.

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Within thirty minutes of your intense workouts is the best time to refuel your body,
so it can recover properly.
In that time frame, your metabolism level is at its peak.
Try and eat proteins and good carbs,
for example:

eggs and a piece of wheat toast
A protein shake and an apple
Tuna and celery
a banana with a serving of peanut butter

The reason its good to pair the carbs with the protein
is so that protein sparing can occur.
Your body can use the carbohydrates as energy,
and the protein can help with muscle recovery.


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As people have said, your before meals should be large and primarily complex carbohydrates and your after meals should be slightly smaller with a good ratio of complex carbohydrates and protein. Vitamins and fibre are found in small amounts in almost everything; so long as you’re eating consistently then you shouldn’t have to worry about them too much.

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