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What's your clothes retirement policy?

Asked by bob_ (21843points) May 13th, 2010

How do you decide when to retire clothes from your regular repertoire? After a certain amount of time (e.g., 1 year)? Until you buy a replacement? Or until it absolutely cannot be worn any longer?

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Til it can’t be worn. I don’t have many clothes at the moment, so I got to milk what I have for all it’s worth.

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@boots And at what point do you say that something can’t be worn? When there are holes? When it looks too worn out?

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@bob_ On my shirts, the arm pits usually get worn first, and develop holes. When this becomes noticeable without me lifting my arms, then it’s time.

I’m talking about just every day wear. Not fancy stuff. I’m not a slob when I shouldn’t be.

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It depends. For the most part, I give shirts away after a year or so. I like to change things up and get new stuff for the new year. However, there are some shirts that I really like and I’ve kept them for longer. Those I won’t get rid of until they get a hole in them. Usually what happens is that I only get rid of half of the shirts after a year (and keep my favorites) and then get new shirts to replace that half (usually over the summer) and the pattern continues.

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@DominicX So basically your clothing cycles have half-lives? XD

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Pretty much, yeah. :)

And I’m not sure why I only mentioned shirts. I guess because I have more of them than anything else. It really goes for everything including shoes, jeans, and shorts. Shoes especially wear out pretty quickly. As soon as they start to look dirty and worn out (which is usually after a year if I clean them in between), then I like to get new ones.

I’ve kept underwear for longer, I’ll admit, but I got all new pairs last summer. :)

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One year. If I’m trading out winter clothes for my summer clothes (in the closet in my bedroom), and I have something I did not wear that winter, it is put in the Goodwill bag. Or if it no longer fits, it’s gone. Having an issue with that right now though. Nothing fits.
This does not include shoes or coats and jackets. I have enough shoes and coats and jackets to outfit an entire grade school. I still have my jean jacket from high school.

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I wear things until they are too worn out to be seen in public, and then I wear them around the house until they are literally falling apart. Things that go out of style from year to year I’m quicker to get rid of… but for the most part, my wardrobe is pretty basic. Most of my clothes are black, white, or grey… and simple, classic cuts. But I also have a decent selection of uber bright boho skirts and tunics that I wear in the summertime and the patterns/color schemes on those can go out of style really quickly… so I tend to replace those before they get to the point where I’m checking for holes.

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I never throw clothes out unless they’re completely ripped. Even if it doesn’t fit me, it stays. If I really don’t like something anymore, I give it to charities.

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i almost never get rid of clothes unless they dont fit. shirt right now—circa 1980. I WASNT EVEN BORN THEN. but i’ve been wearing it for like 10 years. the older the better. sometimes i get sick of clothes or dont know why i bought them. but thats really the only time i get rid of any.

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Is it damaged? Yes—-> recycled; no—-> next:

Does it fit? No—-> recycled; yes—-> next:

Have I worn it at least once this year? No or Yes—-> next:

Do I still like it? No—-> recycled; yes—-> Keep!

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I wear clothes until they go out of style and look silly. For example, all of those 1980’s jackets and dresses—with the unnaturally padded shoulders—are long gone, and so are the mid-1990’s miniskirts.

As for classic and timeless items, however, I wear them for as long as long as they’re in good condition. I have a denim skirt that I bought about 35 years ago; it still looks great! I also have plenty of items that I’ve owned for more than 20 or 30 years and continue to enjoy; they were never trendy, so they didn’t become dated.

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I get rid of clothes when my expanding waistline tells me to. :-D

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@Primobabe Dude, miniskirts are timeless. The shorter, the, um, timelesser.

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@bob_ Tee hee! It’s true that the miniskirt lives on, but only in certain styles of clothing (e.g. a short, slinky little cocktail dress). There was a period during the 1990’s, however, when every skirt or dress had to be short; anything at or below the knee looked frumpy and outdated. Even business suits, otherwise conservatively styled, had skirts that ended WAY up there.

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@Primobabe Ah, the 90’s…

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When they don’t look any better than the rags I use to clean my furnace with, then it’s about that time.

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When I put them on and they fall off again, because of rips, or stretched out elastic. Since I seldom go out, my ‘in public’ clothes are hung in the closet with old t-shirts over them for dust protection. I had to throw a shirt in the rag bag the other day, because a family member told me it was a ‘see through’ and not appropriate for the grocery store.

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Until I have too many clothes and realize I only wear a handful of them for whatever reason (they are the only ones that fit, i only like a particular style now, etc..). At that point I go through them all and make three piles. 1. Keep 2. Throw Away 3. Donate Number 3 is always my biggest pile, lol.

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Here’s a really good reason for discarding clothes. You’ve lost weight and worked out, and you’re in terrific physical shape. Everything in your wardrobe is too big and baggy.

Here’s a really bad reason for discarding clothes. You’ve gained weight, and even Crisco grease and a shoehorn can’t squeeze you into anything that you own.

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@Primobabe, if you were in NYC, you’d be in style again. All those clothes are back: skinny, stretchy jeans, pointy-toed flats, beat up jean jackets and tops with padded shoulders, slouchy suede pirate boots, concert t-shirts for Journey, RATT and Bon Jovi, everything except (thank Bob) the Limited Express “palazzo” wide-legged jumpsuits with the ditzy prints.

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i worked on my closet today….i have some skirts to take in, goodwill and some to take to consignment shop.

Shoulder pads, stirrup pants…flowers and dots together. easter threw up, the mexican phase.

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