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I am having trouble logging into my Acer Laptop.

Asked by LOVEAG07 (2points) May 13th, 2010

I have a password set up on my laptop, and today when I try logging in it accepts the password but it freezes right after, I can log in through the Guest side. Does anyone know how to perform a System Recovery? someone told me you press ALT+F10, but I don’t know if that’s true..

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Each BIOS has a proprietary keypress to enter setup. Either watch the pre-boot screen to see which key, or Google the Acer Support Site to find the answer.

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My Acer netbook has you press F12 to enter the boot selection menu.

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Can you log in as Administrator in Safe mode? (press F8 as it powers up to get to the menu) Then try changing the password to your account from there.

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As @BluRhino said you should boot into safe mode, but once in there you can also create a new account to use if changing the password doesn’t work. If you make a second account with admin privileges you’ll be able to access all your old stuff through c:/users/...

A system recovery would wipe out everything since your last restore point, which is probably a long time ago. Send me a PM if you need more help.

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