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What would be a funny (hilarious) topic for a teen opinion column for our towns newspaper?

Asked by Finley (833points) May 14th, 2010

I have an audition- so I need a topic that will blow the water, not like I have any competition whatsoever, its just good to do well. I have a few ideas like summer, how to’s, did you knows, etc. Do you have any ideas? Age range is 14–18 (no sex).

Should I write little funny short stories about embarrassing moments in my life that are relatable or should I write the funny factuals?

SERIOUS answers please..

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guide us teens into a greater lifestyle and stop being 16 and pregnant* or even younger

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Something that catch me is a great article about music.

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Flatulence in school. It’s a very broad topic, but it can go a long way. LOL This is a serious answer. Everyone has to let one rip now and then… When you have gas at school, it’s the worst.

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@andreaxjean omg I actually thought about that.. but I’m too modest of a person to tell my whole town about that (my town is very small and we all know eachother)

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Teen opinion column? Probably something about their annoying/embarrassing parents. I know that is the way it was for me back when I was teenager….all those years ago.
Last year.

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An introduction to old people aka, how to get grandma to give more money on your birthday or graduation.

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@Finley Everybody farts…. I don’t see why you have to be modest about writing of it. =]

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Perhaps write about things you could do now, to be sure that hindsight (20–30 years) will be good. You could take that topic in all kinds of directions, from the comedic to tears. Just a thought. Good luck to you.

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Teens who still suck their thumbs or have a “blankie” at night. They are out there.

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What your small town looks like from a “Teen’s Eye View.” What places are interesting (and which are not and why); which grown-ups are curious to teens (the mayor, local funeral director, etc. and do interviews); what hang outs are popular today (and what used to be popular); the relative successes of people who have stayed in your town and those who have left . . .

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You could do a column about teachers. Collect some anecdotes from various friends about their best or worst teachers. You might get some inspiring stories as well as funny ones.

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Embarrassing lunchroom moments.

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Teen fashions and hairstyles over the years. Compare your parents’ clothing and hair to how you wear yours today. The 70’s had the hippie/grunge thing going, and the 80’s had big hair and Flashdance styles. (But at least our pants weren’t hanging off our butts!)

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@perspicacious Hey! Grown-ups do, too!

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I saw music reviews on here, but we have a young man that does movie reviews in our newspaper, and I always enjoy reading them. He will tell you what the teenagers really think of the new movies coming out, and his reviews are hilarious.

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