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Where should i take a girl on first date?

Asked by TogoldorMandar (539points) May 15th, 2010

I am taking out a girl just as friends.So where should i take her out to? and Its her first date

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A coffeehouse (the kind the sells coffee or the other one, either way)
A museum
Miniature golfing
A taping of a comedy or variety TV show
A picnic in the park
A free lecture in something you’re both interested in (so check the local alternative weekly newspaper or magazine)

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Bowling, even better if you are bad at it as if she is bad at it you can both have a laugh and if shes great at it you can both laugh at your fantastic skills. Bowling is good as its cheap, you can play as many games as you want therefore making the date last as long or short as necessary and there is generally many other places and things to do around bowling alleys so you can do other things too like go for coffee or play on the games, also active things get the conversation going. cinema is the worst place to go on a 1st date there is not alot of chance for some good conversation.

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The previous suggestions are fantastic ones.
You should take her out to a place you think would appeal to her. What kind of person is she? Does she like to go out for adventures? Or would she like to lay low and stay closer to home?
It all depends on her. There a lots of fun places you can go, but she may not like them all.
If all else fails, try to talk to her about it! She may have good ideas herself!

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Anything but a movie. Movies are the cliche date location and, honestly, the worst because obviously you can’t talk and get to know her.
I second miniature golfing or bowling.

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Make it something simple. you two need to talk and discover things you might have in common. some place that is quite and someplace thats not distracting.

When my wife and i were first dating, i took her to a riverboat ramp and parked at the end of the ramp. we were alone and talked for hours. the water had a soothing effect on both of us and we discussed just about everything in each other lives.

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I’m like john65pennington. talkin by the waters edge is fun, relaxing, and great to get to know you.

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Paddle boats on a lake with a picnic after

Hiking trek with picnic lunch along the way

Air balloon ride

Local wild animal preserve

Depending on where you live and what interests the two of you have, most museums have at least one day a month that is free to the public and most have nice on site cafes. I don’t know your age and location but a day trip/tour of winery, dairy or aquarium are good.

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Take her to do something completely unexpected and fairly exciting, with an element of embarassment for both of you. If you can manage to break down the embarassment barrier early, you wont be as self-conscious or worried about what they think of you and will start to be more relaxed and yourself.

She will see it as reassuring that you are comfortable around her, making her feel safe and gooey inside and more likely to ask for the crucial second date.

In short challenge her to see how many marshmallows she can stuff in her mouth whilst still being able to say “fluffly bunnies” or something, it doesn’t really matter where you are, but who you are.

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Give her several choices and she will let you know which one she is more interested in.

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As a girl, I never saw the appeal of going out to see a movie on a date. I mean, we’re on a date to see each other, not sit next to each other and watch a huge screen for 2 hours.

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