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When will the button to select categories on the mobile site be fixed?

Asked by jrpowell (40504points) May 15th, 2010

I used the Contact button to inform of the problem over 24 hours ago and it is still busted.

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I’d also like to know. I don’t much like having to write /browse/meta (or social) every time I’m accessing Fluther on my iPhone.

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I have the same problem accessing the categories on my iPod Touch. I just checked last night because that was the first I knew there was a problem since I don’t do mobile fluther that much. I haven’t tried with browsers other than Safari, as someone suggested.

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Also when will we be able to flag stuff from the mobile site. Given the tough new rules for general questions the more people flagging stuff the better.

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Thanks for asking! I thought it was just me!

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It seems to depend on the browser, for what it’s worth. I have had the problem on my iPod Touch. There was a question similar to this and someone mentioned that he or she didn’t have the problem using Opera so I downloaded it and I can access the general, social and meta questions with Opera, but not with Safari or with Perfect Browser. Those are the only browsers I have tried.

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Umm, never. I think the Fluther app was abandoned over a year ago in terms of Bendrewman caring about it.

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@Fred931 :: I’m talking about the mobile site. Not the app. And it seems to have gotten fixed already.

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Yeah it’s working ok for me too.

Wouldve been nice of them to take a sec to let us know.

However, I’m keeping those bookmarks I set up for each section…just in case :D

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