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I just probably ate small shards of glass - am I going to die?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) May 16th, 2010

The jar which the sauce came in was slightly cracked when I dropped it, but didn’t crack completely so I thought it was fine. It was only until I started eating that I realised that there was some glass in the meal. I took the bit out that I found and continued eating thinking that it was just a small bit, but then found more. I am unsure if I swallowed any, but spat out all the food after the second mouthful.

The pieces were quite small, smaller than rice. Is this going to rip through my insides and kill me?


And if I die before anyone replies, :-(

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I’m guessing you’ll be fine.Drink plenty of water, go & have a lie down. You must be shattered.

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Your pun sucked.

You can have another try though but it has to be special to redeem your first attempt.

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Despite @ucme‘s slicing wit, I too think you will be fine. I would eat something like bread and drink plenty of water to minimize any potential issues (of which I anticipate very few).

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I would imagine that unless they get stuck somewhere along the line, you’re okay. Hopefully, they were on the dull side.

Good luck. Oh, maybe increase your fiber.

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If they are that tiny then I am sure you will be fine!

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Thank ye guys. I haven’t died yet so I probably won’t. ever

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