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Is there a site where I can do an advanced search for books?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) May 16th, 2010

They don’t seem to have this on

I want to choose fields (i.e what decade the book was written, themes, male or female writer etc.) and then have the site aggregate this information and then spit out books that I might like to read.

Where can I do this?

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I’ve fount to be most useful. Unlike the commercial “bookstore” sites (like the one named after a large river), BookFinder will give you results that are out-of-print, so you can search the titles on sale sites. Another good search engine is ReadPrint, which is library oriented.

aprilsimnel's avatar is the world’s largest library catalog. Search just like you would using your library’s card catalog and it finds the books undle title, subject, author, etc. It will tell you if any of your local libraries carry a book once you enter a zip/postal code. If you want to buy a book, it aggregates book vendors, too.

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I don’t know if there is a search site that will let you enter the kind of information you want to enter, like the gender of the writer, themes, etc. but I use that way sometimes, to find books that might be the kind of thing I would like. I look up a book that I liked and then look at the “Customers who bought this also bought these books” or whatever is says, and then I look at those books, check out the summary, the reviews and see if it might be something I’d enjoy.

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Wilson Omnifile or “WilsonWeb” usually works for me.

Cat4thCB's avatar recommendations based on your favorite books or authors. register to save your book list. books are searched based on plot, setting, character, writing style, authors similar to your favorites, and genre an especially unique way to choose a book 64 categories and genres to search through a brief list or recommendations based on your liking of Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, Janet Evanovich, P.D. James choose by a particular character type like English policeman, Techno-thriller, amateur sleuth, etc.

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@Cat4thCB Well… great answer! I guess that just about covers it. :-)

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