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How many know what this day means for Norway ?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) May 16th, 2010

The 17th of may is a special day for Norway, does anyone know the reasons why ?

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constitution of Norway was signed on May 17th

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Sottende Mai (1814). Norwegian independence from Sweden.

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Syttende mai!
My great grandmother would make us Lutefisk spelling? and salmon meatballs each year on the 17th which is technically tomorrow here.
She also made this nasty porridge stuff.. but she liked it, so it’s cool.

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Thanks! I’ll have to wish my Norwegian neighbor a happy independence day when I see her.

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That is correct :) A bit to much bubbly, but a nice celebration :)

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Well, the current population of Norway is estimated to be around 4,858,223, so I would say at least that many, plus those of us on Fluther who have read this question.

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