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Where do you come from?

Asked by Sher_King (461points) November 7th, 2011

Hey Guys. I’m curious fellow Flutherers. Where are you from originally? How complicated is your backgroud? I see that everyone here speaks english, but who are you :).

Let me introduce a bit of myself. And this is no joke. haha

I was born an American (new york), but I was raised in Europe (France) by an Egyptian mother (from Cairo) and an Argentinean father (From Buenos Aires.) They both met in Brazil (long story), hence why I am culturally Brazilian and my main language at home is Portuguese. I also have russian and polish roots (from my dad’s side), and Lebanese/Italian/Greek (from my mother’s side.) It just goes on and on and on.

Alright Flutherers. Your turn! :)

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A womb with a view ;¬}

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My mommy’s tummy.

Seriously, I was born in Washington DC to parents who were raised in the Bronx. My family background is Latvia and Russian and all sides Jewish. When I was still an infant we moved to Westchester county, NY, and then when I was 9 back to MD outside of DC. I consider myself a Washingtonian with a huge injection of NY. I went to school in the midwest, Michigan State University, and lived most of my adult life in Southeast FL. I now reside in the Memphis, TN suburbs.

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I was born in a tiny town, 2500 people today, in Upstate NY in a tiny hospital the size of a house. The hospital is now a bed and breakfast. I was raised on a dairy farm and was never out of the US until my college days. I’m a Heinz 57 mutt with no major ethnic distinction, other than I carry the gene for some weird iron disease of Far Eastern origin.

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I grew up in Utah. most of my relatives are Mormon, and I have polygamists in my lineage. I am not Mormon. Because the Mormons call their land Zion, Utah is the only place a Jew can go and still be considered a Gentile! Really!

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The very depths of hell itself.

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My heritage .. father’s side all german. Mother’s side. Mostly scandinavian with some UK links as well.

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Born and raised in Oakland, California.
My Dad worked in a tire shop, but was very involved with auto racing, and became famous in the industry.
I am Bohemian/Irish/German on my Dad’s side, and Scottish/Irish/German on my Mom’s side, but you have to go back 4 generations to find someone born outside of the US.

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@JLeslie, we have some things in common :)!

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@Sher_King Which things did you pick on? Just the NY part, the Russian? Are you Jewish? When I picture you in my head I think we are probably very different in how we look, and our backgrounds. Not that I think we would not get along and have things in common, I think we would. We both grew up in very international environments strikes me most. I think that connects people quite a bit. Comfort with diversity, and langauge, and an open mind and world view.

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@JLeslie, all three. The NY part, russian part and Jewish part. :)

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@Sher_King That’s quite abackground.

I’m from Oregon, the Gresham/Portland area. I lived in WA for awhile, too, but I was young. I’ve also lived in Jacksonville, FL and NJ.

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Me too on the Russian Jewish! My folks were both born in NYC but ¾ of their parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia (the other also Russian Jewish but born here.) I was raised on a New Jersey chicken farm, then in a suburban community. Went to college in New York State, then lived in England for two years. Married a Liverpudlian and raised our two kids here in NJ. One now lives in Paris and the other in SF; we travel frequently.

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Am of Scottish and Welsh decent primarily, with a sprinkling of German.

Born in Albuquerque New Mexico, moved to California to be closer to family as a child, moved back to Taos/Santa Fe for a few years, back to California. Lived In Sacramento, Long Beach and San Diego, then, migrated back to Sac when my daughter was a baby.

Fulfilled my dream of country/mountain living and moved to the high Sierra Foothills when my daughter was 4 years old.

Lived in 2 different parts of the county on large properties and then, after divorcing in 2003 moved to my current home in the Lotus/Coloma river valley.

Here I still am, 20 years later as of Oct.! :-D

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I was born in the Bronx (borough of NYC) and lived there until we moved, first to Eastchester and then to Larchmont, in Westchester county.

After I went to Boston to attend college, I lived in various suburbs (Cambridge, Brookline and Newton) until I moved to Manhattan when I was 29. After 7 years, it was on to Philadelphia for 14 years and then to this charming rural hamlet in Columbia County, NY, 24 years ago.

Having lived in the three major cities in the NE, I am thrilled to be in my little hamlet with its 1600 registered voters, many cows, sheep, chickens, goats, geese, ducks, horse, bison and llamas.

My four Jewish grandparents are from Lithuania, Russia and the Ukraine. They came to this country speaking an aggregate of Lithuanian, Polish, German, Ukranian, Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish.

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Born in Onario, Canada, Loyalist roots on the one side and rumor mill is Portugese on the other side. Have spent two thirds of my life in Western Canada, the prairies are as different from Ontario as Nevada is from Hawaii. But it’s ALL good.

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Ha a lot of peeps from new york! Jew peeps as well! and I was born in the bronx too @gailcalled. This is pretty cool guys :D. My grandparents were also polish/russian immigrants.
Ha, small world.
Nice to know about everyone’s mix.

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I’m all British – three English grandparents, one Northern Irish. Based on the appearance of some members of the family, including my father, there’s a likelihood of some distant Greek, East European or Romani ancestry, though my dad traced the family tree back to about 1770 and didn’t find it. Unless there was some hidden secret in there somewhere.

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@Sher_King Yeah, I would say fluther has a higher percentage of Jews than the average population out there in the real world.

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Born & raised in TX, Mother born in KY, Father born in NV, Grandfather born in NC, Grandmother born in GA (historical antecedents are French, Scots, English, & possibly Native American).

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I’m from England, both my parents are English (although my mothers ancestory is a bit of a mix) and my main language is English!

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Born in Garston, England. Forcibly relocated to Texas at 10 by my parents and have been here ever since. I do try to get out of the state every year but my wife keeps bringing me back.
Two English parents, 4 English grandparents, 7 English and 1 Irish greatgrandparent. Gets kinda fuzzy after that.

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I was born in Michigan,. My grandparents were; one grandparent born in Hungary, one an English/Spanish mix and two first generation Americans from Scottish parents.

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The stars….We all are.

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I really don’t know- adopted. Fairly sure they were of Celtic roots, I look like an Irish transplant.

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Born in a small town in the Southern part of Norway, moved to the Largest town in the south here (that dont say much, it is just 80 000 people here)
When it comes to heritage I guess I am as Scandinavian as they come.. all grandparents Norwegian, and all but one great grandparents as well (he was a Dane)

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Born in Belgium, and grew up in Wales, but all my parents are English… Grandparents the same. I don’t consider myself Welsh (though it gets me a better reception in Scotland) but neither do I think of myself as specifically English… I generally go with British.

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I was born in Scotland to Scottish parents and three of my four grandparents were Scottish (the other was from London). I have an unusual surname that no one can ever spell correctly and which originates in the county in which I was born. People with my surname live all over the world but they all trace their ancestry back to the same district within 20 miles of where I was born.

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@flutherother ooh, the intrigue!

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@flutherother My English husband’s surname is also very particular to his native area.

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@harple My ancestors were very unadventurous it seems and rarely went further than walking distance from where they were born and then come the 19th Century they went anywhere a boat would take them. I can’t think why that should be, there weren’t any disasters at home that drove them out.
@janbb Yes, I suppose it was quite common. It used to take three days to travel to London so people stayed close to family often doing the same jobs as their parents.

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I’m American. My Mom is from Georgia where she picked cotton and cleaned homes for wealthy White people. My Dad is from Florida, and is adopted. I was born and raised in Virginia. Both my parents grew up poor, but they’ve done very well for themselves. I moved for the first time two years ago, and now I live in the depths of hell New Jersey. I’d love to trace my ancestral history one day.

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I was born in Berkeley CA because my Mom met my Dad while he was in the Navy. Both parents were from a small town in rural Colorado, and returned there after the war, for 5 years. I lived in Denver during my school years. My Dad’s background is apparently Welsh, although the family came to the U. S. in the 1700’s and lived in Indiana until they moved to Utah with the Mormons. My Grandfather was sent to Colorado to be a pastor in a very small church there. He practically founded a dynasty with five sons.

My Mother was born in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, her father was born in Indian Territory (which became Oklahoma). I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Okla Chahta Clan of California. The family moved to Colorado during the dust bowl migration. They were on their way to California, but stopped in a lovely farming area along the Gunnison River and founded a town there.

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OK here you go: I was born in Oshkosh Wisconsin but grew up in L.A. County California. I went to college at Humboldt State University in Arcata California. I worked for the U.S. Army for 18 years in biological research and Clinical Sciences mostly in San Francisco. Since then I’ve worked in Clinical Sciences as a civilian in Tacoma Washington. This is by far the best place that I’ve lived.

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I’m Irish – both parents are also Irish.

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I’m from a distant planet the name of which can’t be pronounced with English phonetics. My starship crashed here a few hundred years ago, and I’m patiently waiting for your technology to advance to the level where I can repair it and go home…

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@HungryGuy No chance it’s a fusion engine? I hear ford has a car powered by one.

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I crawled out of my mothers vagina in April, of 1995. (That was Sixteen years ago, for those of you who can’t do math.) This took place in a small town, inside of a hospital, where more patients died than lived. (Alaska)

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I was born in Florida, and haven’t lived anywhere else yet. My mom, father, aunt, and grandmother were all born in New York.
My father’s dad was born in Syria; his mother was English.
My maternal grandmother’s parents were from Norway.
My mother’s father was born in Italy.

I think there’s something else in there somewhere along the line, but I’m not sure. I have a very small family, and an even smaller family that I’m on friendly terms with.

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Born and raised in Michigan. Parents are from the South (Alabama and Texas)

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I came out of a sack.

Born in France, family moved to Canada when I was a kid. I’m still here now, but in a different province than the one we originally moved to.

Heritage is mostly all French, but there are some other European bits here and there, on my mom’s side.
My grandma told me that most of our ancestors were farmers, but one of em, apparently, was actually a pirate somewhere in the eighteenth century. I so want that to be true.

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Second generation LA native, both parents were born in LA (unusual! usually someone’s from somewhere else). Mom’s side were refugees from Mexican civil war. Dad’s side been here a while included pre-US, NY politicos.

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Alabama with a banjo on my knee…...................................

I live in Washington State now.

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I was born and raised in Bixby, Oklahoma, and moved to North Carolina shortly after my fourteenth birthday. Mom is from Evansville, Indiana, and Dad is from Long Beach, California, but he moved to my hometown in 1970. My paternal grandma was from Nebraska and my paternal grandpa was from Minnesota.

On both sides I’m descended from German and Irish beer brewers and I am Swedish as well as Italian on Dad’s side. I’m supposedly part Cherokee on Mom’s side and could possibly have some French and English blood on her side as well. We can’t prove the Cherokee ancestry because they didn’t keep records on the women and we don’t know for sure about the French and English. So, we’re only positive about the German, Irish, Swedish, and Italian.

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My mother was born in Saratoga Springs, NY.
My father was born in Langley, BC, which is about 33 miles southeast of Vancouver.
They were married in Atlanta, GA.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. Then we moved to Vancouver, BC and after that to Ottawa, Ontario. From there we immigrated to the US in April, 1955.

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I was born in Rome, Italy, and I’ve lived in several nations. I speak the languages of the countries in which I’ve lived. I have international friends.

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Found out through DNA testing that I am 19% Scandinavian! Where the hell did that high a percentage come from?!?!? I know that the Scandinavians lived in the Southeast part of England but still. That was several hundred years ago. I think someone was not exactly honest with their spousal unit somewhere down the line.

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