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Can anyone suggest a Monk episode when his OCD really affects him?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) May 16th, 2010

I’m presenting a project about OCD and would like to show my class a clip of Monk where his OCD really affects his life. I don’t really know how to further explain this, but if anyone can think of anything, please answer. Thanks!

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The one where he was trapped (edit:lost) in the desert.

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How did the OCD affect him, though?

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@rentluva5256: Definitely look into As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson. Several perfect examples in that movie.

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He was surrounded by dirt and possible pathogens and was having an anxiety attack. I second Jack also. He’s the master of OCD in that movie.

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@SeventhSense oh ok. do you know what the name of that episode is?

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The pilot is good, he lets the perp get away because of his OCD (course, then, in the climax, he helps catch the perp despite his OCD).

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I think in season 5, ep 5, Monk is thrown overboard from a boat at sea.
While struggling to stay afloat, he grabs what he thinks is a life preserver.
When he gets a better look at it, he realizes to his horror that it’s a toilet seat.
Even though the seat has enough buoyancy to serve as a flotation device, he throws it away and resumes drowning.

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There is a scene (I think it is when Natalie is running for office) where they are in her house and Monk put a mailbomb in the fridge and then has to go back to rearrange things.

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I think it’s the one when the garbage men go on strike, and the garbage wasn’t picked up and it was everywhere.
He was like, out of control.

I can’t remember what season it was in though… |:

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