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What would have been the most embarrassing thing your parents could have done/said on your first day at school?

Asked by ucme (50034points) May 17th, 2010


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Whichever, they’re all good.

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Ack, I don’t know – they never cared enough to come with. I guess something about my being ‘the smartest student ever’.

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Day 1 of High School:

“I cut the crusts off your bread just like you like them! Bye Honey have fun!!!” said Mom
Then possibly finished with a lipstick kiss on the cheek.

That would have been possibly the most embarressing thing.

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Calling me “Bethy” or “Boobie” :|

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“Smack my ass and call me Sally!!” ;)

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If my Mom had said to the teacher, “She’s really smart even though she’s so short and shy.”

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@janbb My mom actually did say that to one of my teachers!

1st day of high school (true story):
“And if you can’t find the bathroom, follow the smell of shit!”
Thinking to myself; But I’m surrounded by shitheads!

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“gotta run! I need a cigarette.”

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My granddad came with me to back to school night my freshman year.
He looked at a girl in short-shorts and told her “your ass is hangin’ out. This ‘aint a stripper club.”

I wasn’t too sure what to say.

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If you are talking about first grade, I doubt I would have been embarrassed by anything my mother would have said.

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She wouldn’t have had to say anything, all she had to do was walk me up to the door with that hair.

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