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Can a person obtain a new drivers license with non moving violations that have not been paid?

Asked by Sunsetseast (85points) May 17th, 2010 from iPhone

I moved from Louisiana to California. I quickly got a lot of parking tickets. Now that i’m ready to go get a California drivers license, will I have to pay off these parking tickets first? Or no?

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Probably. If you were in your car with the LA tag, then the non moving violation is on your record and they know about them. If you were in someone else’s car, you are ok.

If they were legit parking tickets, what makes you think you shouldn’t have to pay them? Am I missing something?

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You should pay them off anyway. If you get pulled over with all those tickets you could spend the night or weekend in jail waiting for the judge to see you.

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You probably have a local warrant for your arrest… It may or may not show up when you go to get your license, depending on how big the city was that you got the tickets. I used to enter warrants into the system and we didn’t usually enter those warrants. But if you get pulled over in that same town that you got the tickets, they will have them. I would suggest giving the judge a call… you might have to turn yourself in.

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Even if you could get a driver’s license, I doubt you could get any insurance coverage with unpaid tickets. You need to get this taken care of since it could impact your job, and as mentioned above even get you arrested.

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Every single one of you misunderstood me haha! I’m going to pay my parking tickets. My question is, will the state allow me to get a California drivers license BEFORE I pay the parking tickets?

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Turn myself in for parking tickets? Haha

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Depends on the examiner, and if the tickets come up in the system or not.

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You would most likely be able to renew your driver’s license but not your car tags. Depending on how much you have outstanding in unpaid tickets, fines and court costs, there could be an outstanding warrant for being a scofflaw. The prudent thing to do, which the individuals who are answering your question are intimating, is to pay the tickets before you get a new drivers license.

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