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Any exceptionally beautiful people catch your eye lately?

Asked by zenele (8242points) May 17th, 2010

What was it about them? The eyes, facial structure or maybe the whole package.

Was it unconventional beauty, or just top-model, Anjelina Jolie type beauty?

Maybe their persanality shone when you spoke with them, and then you realized they also “looked” lovely?

Is beauty skin deep?

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Milo here; I am always leaving people stunned by my beauty.

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There are some exceptionally beautiful people on the fluther photo bucket account.

The people here on fluther all seem to be physically very beautiful (assuming the photos are true representations!), but for me there are so many lovely personalities that shine through. When you see the smiling faces to match all those posts and opinions you’ve been reading, it really is a joy!

Beauty is not skin deep, it comes from within, and here on fluther it seems to flow from the fingertips.

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@gailcalled, er, I mean Milo. You are quite scrummy.

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I am constantly amazed at how good looking many people are. I always think that these people don’t realize it. It’s true that we never recognize our gifts.
I looked thru the above mentioned fluther bucket, and was shocked at how good looking many of the contributers are.

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@filmfann Including you and your family!

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I second that about @filmfann – lurve ya.

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My two tiny furry friends. Luxurious long hair, one blonde and the other jet black, and the most appealing eyes I have ever seen in my life. With a personality to match. Perfection.

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I saw some gorgeous people when I went to NYC for the first time this past weekend. Can’t wait to go again

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