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What is the the most comfortable position to read in?

Asked by psychocandy2 (154points) May 18th, 2010

I like to read for long stretches of time, 2–3 hours or so. If I lay on my stomach and put a pillow under my chest my right shoulder starts to cramp. Sitting in a hard, straight back chair hurts my neck and makes my butt numb. If I recline on the chaise my lower back starts to hurt.

Does this happen to you? Have you found the “sweet spot” for reading? Or is my age starting to catch up with me?

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I sit in my recliner, with my light just over my left shoulder. I make it a point to get up and walk around for about five minutes every hour because staying seated too long is not healthy.

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Comfy armchair in between two windows with my feet on an ottoman.

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My favorite reading spot is on my futon. I have a small pillow that helps my lower back and my favorite blanket in arms reach. I can sit there all day with a good book. I usually sit with my legs on the futon kind of to the side of me.

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For me, it’s on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, with a pillow under them. After a while, that makes the back of my knees ache, so I’ll shift a bit and sit with my legs curled on the couch. When my foot falls asleep, I go back to using the coffee table as an ottoman.

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I have a loveseat with big, rounded arms. I put a couple of throwcushions against one arm, for my head. I’m just the right height that my feet land on the top of the other arm—a footstool! In the middle, I’m completely cozy and comfortable; pure bliss. I can stay there and read for hours.

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In a leather Morris chair,with a cat on one arm, a cup of tea on the other and a warm breeze coming through the window :)

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Well, age-wise I am not all that advanced, but typically I read either in my bed leaning against pillows or in a comfortable chair. I haven’t noticed any pains while doing that. Sometimes I would read lying on my side in my bed and that works for a little while, but then it makes the arm I’m leaning on really start to hurt, so I stopped doing that for the most part.

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On a profiling electric hospital bed with a memory foam mattress that’s half way to the cardiac chair position.

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I sit on the couch with my legs curled to the side.

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This question reminds me of my favorite Groucho Marx quote: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

My favorite place to read is on my leather sofa, with my head on the soft arm, and my dog curled up next to me. :-)

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I like to read sitting tucked into the side of the couch :) I usually need to change positions several times, as different body parts start to ache.

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I periodically move around my bedroom/ switch positions, but the most frequent ways include lying on my stomach on the bed, sitting at a desk (the chair sucks so this is not common), and kneeling or lying on my back in the middle of the floor which has nice/ comfortable carpeting. I also read outside while sitting in a standard plastic deck chair and using another to put my feet up on.

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I frequently read on my bedroom floor, I just switch positions around, first back, then side, then stomach, then back again, etc. I was reading while laying on my driveway on my stomach the other day, which was also surprisingly comfy.

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In a fluffy chair with my legs tucked under me.

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i like to lay on my side but my glasses always prevent that from happening :(

i end up in bed (because in my small apartment, it’s that or my desk chair) leaning against 3 or 4 pillows but i just purchased a travel neck pillow and am wondering if this will help make it more comfortable… you might want to try that!
wish i had a reading nook

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My favorite spot to sit and read, is in my dad reclining chair, but I guess you could say I sit up side down. My head is where my feet should be, and my feet is where my head should be. I find it very comfortable. I can be there for hours, reading my book.

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In the car, passenger seat. For some reason, I get more reading done there.

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update: do not lay down with the travel neck pillow on for extended periods of time… if you’re going to use it, sit up!!

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i like to be propped up against a tree. it has to be the right tree, at the right angle, and the roots have to be right at the bottom so it’s not terribly bumpy and uncomfortable. unless i have a blanket, then i dont mind.

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a very good way to lay is in your bed sitting up with my back resting on a pillow. I never have any pains and i could stay there reading forever.

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