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The newly crowned Miss America Rima Fakin think she will face a fatwa?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 18th, 2010

If a Muslim woman like the newly crowned Miss America Rima Fakih is found to have been a gogo girl. Pole dancer, stripper or porn star would there be a fatwa put upon them? And if Rima Fakih attends a NASCAR event, which often starts with a Christian prayer and the singing of God Bless America, would she do it or will she make herself conveniently absent?

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She is Miss USA, not Miss America.and her last name is Fakih

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@perspicacious Sorry, I didn’t watch it. Be it Miss USA, Miss America, Miss World, Miss whatever, you see a bunch of slinky, lithe women struting, dancing and having a bikini portion it all blends into the same contest. Yeah, that is what it said in the text, the title will work itself out eventually

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You realize that there are people who are “culturally” Muslim and don’t really practice, right? Just like some people are “culturally” Jewish and Christian. That “death sentence” stuff is an extreme, and fatwas aren’t binding. They’re just someone’s opinion, basically. I hope you’re aware of this. So the girl did a booty-bumping contest. Whatever. She’s grown.

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Altho born in Lebanon, she was a baby when her parents emigrated to US. So she’s been raised in America and obviously well integrated into the culture.

Plus it was mentioned that her household celebrates both the Muslim and Christian faiths.

Not likely they’re quaking in their boots about the opinions of narrow minded religious fanatics back in the Middle East.

The family most likely quite enjoy their “infidel” status.

Just a guess, but…

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She can’t become President.

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