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Where can I find information about Britain and another country going through the recession?

Asked by tooooookl (29points) May 19th, 2010

Such as budget deficit, debt going into the recession. How fast they recovered, to what extent, and any other reliant data.

If you could pick a country that is similar to the UK that would be better.

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Online newspaper and magazine databases; available through your local library. Tons of info!

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Um it doesn’t have to be France, but I just wanted a country similar to the UK.

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Same answer. Archive your newspapers, etc. How about Greece? It’s had some financial tsurris lately.

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@gailcalled the Greek Tragedy pardon the pun is quite different to the UK situation and the economies were very different in the first place going into the worldwide economic crises of 2008-present.

@tooooookl You could get info from both the Bank of England and the UK Treasury department websites I would have thought.

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if this is for a school project ild consider these…

note the similarities but big differences between the UK and Greece, people might say there not comparable but we could be in trouble too if we don’t sort this mess out, difference is we have the means and time buffer to sort it out.

google for national un-employment figures this will give you a good picture as to the real deal out in the employment theatre.

national debt as a proportion of gdp

bear in mind the UK spends more on debt interest than it does on education or defence annually!!

research gilts and gilt sales (UK might be other too) without the sales of these we would be like Iceland overnight…these are sold typically to countries with money like China and private investors like pension funds, the country pays interest on this money that is leant with a return to the selling country. Generally very reliable investment (hence the AAA rating you will have heard about that they want to keep).

I just got a letter in the post yesterday noting my student debt for my BSc its £21k…were clearly living in a fantasy land if education has to cost that much, all I did was teach myself because the lecturers were worthless and sit exams…

an emphasis on growth…note in your project this is by its nature not sustainable in a planet with finite resources…

do it well and you should get some good marks, great time to be studying this sort of thing!

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Here is information about Britain’s recovery.

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Not for school just want to know. What school sets up stuff like this?

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@tooooookl school gcse economics class, college projects, defiantly university dissertation papers that’s what type…

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@Tobotron (I know you don’t mean “defiantly,” right?)

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well seeing as a dissertation papers title is totally up to the writer yes it is defiantly an optional title piece within a university, eg “study into the effect of national debt on…”

I didn’t say it was defiantly a part of any curriculum.

But as this question turns out to be just for curiosity its not really that important…

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