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Have you ever had a dream that involved Fluther or Flutherites in some fashion?

Asked by FutureMemory (24721points) May 19th, 2010

OK, I’m talking about members that you do not know in real life. SO’s do not apply. I repeat, I am not talking about your best friend/spouse/parent/sibling that’s a jellie. Now that we have that out of the way..

A few days ago I had a dream that I was riding a city bus late at night…and Simone was the driver.

I don’t know much about dream interpretation, but it would seem obvious that mine is representative of both of us being vegan/vegetarian and atheists – and Simone is driving because she is more of a ‘crusader’ than I am.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do tell!

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yesssssss—he he hee—

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I’ve had dreams with about four other Flutherites.

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Seriously guys ^^ this isn’t as fun if you don’t name names!

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Happens to me all the time. Fluther and “RL” get entangled – I dream of jellies.

That could be the name of a sitcom, like I Dream of Jeanie… I Dream of Jelly.

They are usually sexually explicit dreams and then a NSFW pops up.

Edit: Chyna is in them sometimes.

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Sigh… Once again… You have to name names and describe in detail any and all dreams of fellow jellies. Especially NSFW dreams. So @zenele let’s try it again, this time with details, okay? :)

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@chyna NSFW dreams including you and Jeruba.

* sigh *

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@zenele Um, maybe just keep them to yourself then.

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You asked.

Women: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live with ‘em.

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Ha, I love it! I can’t even drive! But if I had to, for the sake of helping people become vegan, I’d learn how to. I don’t think I’ve had dreams with any of the flutherites in them.

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I’ve had a few. For the life of me I can’t remember who or what happened.

I do remember one that involved a mouse, pegasus, a jiggy lil thing from Canada, someone from Chyna? and a big fatty. ;)

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i once dreamt chaz maz was on my porch helping me plant flowers. hahahahahaha. and im positive ive dreamt of fluther many other times, though now i cant remember any in detail.

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I had a dream about Vunessuh once. It was odd, I was in Winnipeg and it was set in some post apocalyptic setting…everything was in ruin, buildings had crumbled, and the sidewalks and streets were caved in, giant gaping holes into blackness. I had to tiptoe around it all and be carefull not to fall in or step on some treacherous parts that might crumble on contact.
Eventually I see Vunessuh in some kind of booth, and she’s trying to sell heroin, yelling it out to anyone within ear distance. So I run up to her and start telling her that we have to get the fuck out of here, so we just bolt down this debris filled street, it was odd, but pretty cool.

Otherwise I’m too self absorbed and selfish to dream about you people. And when there are people in my dream I’m usually murdering them. I know you think I’m trying to be funny but it’s actually true.
That said, last dream I had involved an eye in the wall and I was going crazy trying to tell that old witch from The Woods that it was there but she wouldn’t believe me, and she said I had to get ready for the ’‘invasion’’. I was wearing absolutely nothing but stockings, wtf kind of invasion was this I wonder.
Anyways if it had anything to do with Fluther, I can’t imagine how, instead, as I said it’s all about me me me MEEE and I’ve my own interpretation for it. It’s most likely bs, but it’s set.

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All the time.

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I had a dream last night that I was out at a bar and some Jellies were being catty and picking on my sister. They didn’t know I was a Jelly. I yelled at them, told them I was Taciturnu and that I couldn’t be taciturn any more. lol

Then, my friend and I received a gift of plates with lead in them from a make-believe Jelly who repaired ferris wheels and was trying to ease the discomfort from ferris wheels I have. According to him, he knew of my fear from a question of mine.

I’ve been known to have some bizarre dreams anyway, but I would think the total Fluther submersion aspect means I’ve been spending too much time on here. :)

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