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"Where are you from and what do you love about it?"?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) May 19th, 2010

Will you kindly indulge me on my first question….Being new to the Fluther community, my very first question is where is everyone from? And in one simple sentence can you say what you like, love, or hate about where you’re from. I live in Michigan (mid-Michigan) and off the top of my head, I only like Michigan for the change of seasons.

LOL!! I posted this question earlier, then had to leave. When I returned home I learned the question had been pulled for editing. Anyway, I’m learning and I’m posting this question again (hopefully reformatted better).

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I’m from Manchester, England, and I love it because it’s a busy, diverse and cosmopolitan city.

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From the deep South, retired, and play a lot of golf!

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This information from Quantcast may be helpful in visualizing where everyone is Fluthering from.

I live in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Washington D.C. I love the age of the town. I love the climate of the area and the change of seasons.

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I am from the Chicago area and also like the 4 season aspect of the Midwest. Nice weather is never too far away. Plus Chicago is one of the greatest Cities in the world. Not a lot of bugs compared to other places I have been and no hurricanes, mud slides, forest fires, or major earthquakes to worry about.

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I want to know what the heck is “Spiritual Health Care Reform”.

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I’m from southern CT, about five minutes from Long Island Sound. I love it here for the beach, the beautiful fall season, the wonderful Italian and seafood restaurants, and the close proximity to NYC, Boston, and Providence. The only thing I dislike about CT is the high cost of living. Property taxes and real estate are kind of ridiculous. Then again, I grew up in Indiana so that’s the only thing I can compare it with!

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Hi neighbor! I’m from Michigan too :)

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I lived in Northern California for 18 years before I moved to Los Angeles.
Compared to LA, it’s much greener and more peaceful. The people are nicer and the air quality is better. I love it there.
However, I will say that in LA there is much more to do.

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Welcome to fluther, @AmWiser.

I live in Northern California, in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. Where I’m from is the Boston area, and most recently (i.e., 33 years ago) Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It was true love that moved me from coast to coast. My sense of “home” is still divided, half here and half in New England.

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I’m from Youngstown, Ohio… and anyone know knows anything about “Murdertown, USA”, knows there isn’t a lot to like. But I do love the change of seasons as you said about Michigan, couldn’t live without it – and this is home no matter how you slice it.
Welcome, fellow newbie :)

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Southern California just south of Santa Barbara.
I love the National Parks and the beaches. I am learning to surf and love to hike.

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Born in Berkeley, CA, raised in Colorado, (I hate snow) relocated to California on my 21 birthday, nearly half a century ago, been here ever since.

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I have lived all over the prairie provinces of Western Canada, and currently live in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m not a huge fan of the short summers, but I don’t mind the winters that much. Edmonton is a beautiful city, and very down-to-earth.

Where I consider home is Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the small town where I spent my formative years.

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San Diego CA. I love the beach, the mountains and desert all within county lines. Great museums and dinning. Awesome nightlife and above all I love the Chargers :)

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I live and grew up in Thatwudbitelling, England. I love those four seasons too.

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I live in Maryland, where I’ve lived all my life. It’s kind of boring, but there’s a lot of historical places nearby.

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I live on Capitol Hill Washington DC [I am really ‘from’ New England.
DC is a beautiful city, I enjoy all the beautiful and free things here in the nation’s capital.

However, since 9/11 things have changed here as they have changed in other places but more here, no more driving past the white house, no more walking into museums without standing in endless lines to have purses searched and go through scanners, ugly barriers and security trailers and blocked off roads with security guards. The changes are ubiquitous and detract from the pleasure of the town, just as airline security has destroyed the pleasure of flying.

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@anartist that’s only if you don’t enjoy strip-searches ;)

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I live in central Illinois, right next to the Illinois river. I didn’t like it here at first when I moved from Las Vegas, but you couldn’t pay me to move back to Nevada now. I live in a small town surrounded by park land, woods, mountain biking and hiking trails, but close enough to a larger city if we are looking for city things to do. Love the change of seasons also.

Welcome to Fluther. :)

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Eastern North Carolina, we just got through three days of rain and showers that dropped five and half inches of rain but we needed it.

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Hi and welcome to Fluther. :)

I’m from California, specifically the Bay Area. I like it because it’s diverse, liberal, and the geography is excellent, and I dislike it because the weather is often too cool and rainy (although this year is more rainy and bleak than normal) and it’s crowded. Overall, though, it is an excellent place to live!

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I live on the New Jersey Shore and love the ocean, the seasons and the good restaurants. Oh – and the proximity to New York City even though it means all those Yorkers come down and crowd our beaches in the summer.

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I live in the UK. Think Wuthering Heights!!
I love the sense of space & the wildness of the moors (but it is very cold)

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@partyparty Cold? Are you kidding me? Live through a Canadian winter first before you call it cold! :)

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@cfrydj Canada is my favorite place to visit in the winter time… but then, we get brutal winters in Ohio, as well. It’s my favorite season. :)

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I’m from Arkansas. Its so lovely here when its hot. I love hiking and all of the outdoor sports, its amazing. Not to mention the humidity is great for curly hair. I’d rather be here than any concrete jungle any day. Oh, and the people aren’t assholes.

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@meagan got’cha…love the last sentence! Over the years, have gone to Hot Springs Village and played a lot of golf. At one time, really considered retiring there! Beautiful state…

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@cfrydj Live through a Canadian winter first before you call it cold!
My neighbours moved to Canada recently and all their photos are of snow, snow and more snow. No thanks, not for me. The weather is cold enough for me in the UK! :-)

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@BoBo1946 Isn’t it nice? Eureka Springs is a great town, too. That is if you’re into traveling :P

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@meagan have heard that…it is on my bucket list to see!

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I was born in Portsmouth, England and I love the connection with the sea/Navy.

I have lived for most of my life in the South West (a number of areas) of England. I love the country side and some of the accents!

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