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Can you name all the figures of a female body?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) May 19th, 2010

for example from very skinny to obese.
which girl do you think has the perfect body? THANKS:)

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Personally, I find the one on the far right to be the most attractive. I love curves on a woman. =) I tend to love a woman who is a little more “thick” than I.

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What would this be considered?
Thin waist, curvy hips, large breasts, nice abs, & strong arms?

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If the women is someone I care for, I do not see the sizes. They range from “Just right” to Just right plus a little extra to love.

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There’s no way the girl in the middle is a size 12. I don’t get it.

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It’s nice that people like women who aren’t model-thin. This article has a very reassuring tone, like, “It’s ok to be a size 14! You go, girl!” But it’s still all about men looking at our bodies and judging them. You hardly ever see things like this about mens’ bodies. So even if this article has a positive message, it still says… we’re looking at you.

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The 1st girl has creepy legs….

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I’d have to go for the middle woman.

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There is no perfect body. The woman in the middle is the cutest, imo.

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@juniper I was thinking the same thing… I also don’t feel like the first model looks like a size 8. Could be that AU sizing is different than it is in the USA, though. But the size 14 looks like a size 14 to me, so who knows.

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The one in the middle is a size 12!?!? and the smallest is an 8?!?!?! Boy am I skewed. I thought the one on the left was about a 4 and the middle an 8 and the right a 12. Hmmmmmm I wonder what that means to me?

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I prefer the one in the middle. That said… I also agree with @juniper and @TheOnlyNeffie and @Ponderer983… The one on the left is a size 8??? She looks more like a size 4 and the one in the middle looks like an 8 to me. The one on the right looks about right, though. I don’t get it.

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One in the middle has the best body…in my eyes…but, great bodies are in the eyes of the beholder! What did someone say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Some people like a girl with extra flesh..some don’t. Some like them skinny…and on and on!

Bottomline, the most beautiful part of any man or woman woud be the 4 or 5 inches between the ears!

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I’d like to know when the words “curvy” and “chubby” (or whatever your choice word is for a woman with a few extra pounds) became interchangeable. I think that curvy is a shape of a body, not a size. The OP says : “skinny—>normal—->curvy—->obese”. But I feel that “curvy” can apply to any body size. Just saying.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I was wondering that, too. I’m curvy, but far from obese.

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I hate doing this kind of stuff – no matter what size they are, you’re still dissecting women’s bodies.

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The one on the right is smoking hot, and I would go bigger, too. She is not even ‘BBW’ status yet. My favorite shape is the pear shape as well.

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I think size numbers are different in US and UK. I agree with @BoBo1946 about the most beautiful part of a man/woman.

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@partyparty ditto my friend!

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