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has your iPhone ever appeared in a dream?

Asked by peedub (8698points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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Not the iphone particularly, but I did have a fluther dream.

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It’s happened to me several times. This is truly a first. Is this totally silly or what?

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why, has yours ??????????

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Oddly, only before I actually had one…

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I actually kind of have the same dream reoccur from time to time about my iPhone. Well, you see, my first iPhone I dropped, cause I didn’t have a case yet, and I dented it pretty badly, and left a nice huge crack down the middle of the glass. It wasn’t pretty. Had to pay for a new phone and all that shit. So now I’m really paranoid I’m going to do that again, and I have dreams from time to time that I do the same thing, and I’ll wake up and be all scared.

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Yes. A wet dream.

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can’t say I have, but now that I have read this, when I go to bed I’ll probably dream about my iPhone. That’s how it always works.

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kind of before I got one I wanted one so badly, and then one night I had a dream about it

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